May 31, 2015 8:49 am

Bourbon Virus, the New Deadly Virus 2015 Virus

After Ebola Virus, which has caused the majority of human deaths from EVD, and is the cause of the 2013–2015 Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa, which has resulted in at least 27,049 suspected cases and 11,149 confirmed deaths, on May 2015 scientist found Bourbon Virus, the new deadly virus which caused a mysterious illness that have killed a farmer in Kansas.

The farmer had been working on his field last spring when he got several tick bites, including one that appeared to be attached to his shoulder. The patient suffered from high fever, headache, decreased appetite, muscle aches, joint pain, fatigue, malaise,nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and a maculopapular rash on the abdomen, chest and back. Late in the course of the illness he experienced shortness of breath, which developed into acute respiratory distress syndrome. He died from multiple organ failure 11 days after the earliest symptoms on last June 2014.

But while similar tick-borne illnesses typically are treated with antibiotics,this disease is transmitted by a virus, and therefore won’t respond to the medication. Indeed, the Kansas patient did not respond to traditional therapies after testing negative for typical tick-borne diseases at the University of Kansas Hospital, New York Daily News reported.

No routine diagnostic test is yet available. There is currently no specific treatment or vaccine for the bourbon virus, supportive therapy is recommended.On the assumption that the virus is transmitted by a tick or insect, the main prevention method recommended is the avoidance of tick and insect bites.