June 18, 2015 5:33 pm

Burger King Launched Red Burgers with “Angry Sauce”

Infossible_Red Burgers-Burger King

After succeed with their Black Burger Kuro Pearl burger and Kuro Diamond burger (a burger with black cheese on black buns which sell on last September 2014), Burger King now is selling bright red burgers in Japan. The fast food chain will debut the Aka Burger (aka means red in Japanese) in stores on July 3rd 2015, according to the Wall Street Journal reports.

The bright red Aka Samurai Beef and Aka Samurai Chicken owe the color of their buns and cheese to the inclusion of tomato powder, according to a company press release, first reported by Kotaku. The red burgers will also feature “Angry Sauce”, a spicy red hot sauce made from hot peppers and miso.  There are two florescent options to choose from: the Aka Samurai Beef Burger and the Aka Samurai Chicken Burger.

Infossible_Red Burger 2

Price for these red burgers are quite affordable. The Aka Samurai Chicken is priced ¥540 ($4.40), and Aka Samurai Beef burgers is more expensive for ¥690.

The chain also said that they have improved its black burgers. This year’s version of Black Burger will come with the same black buns, cheese and sauce plus deep fried eggplant. The Kuro Shogun burgers will be available from Aug. 21 for ¥690.

Infossible_Black Burger-Burger King


Ready to try the red burgers with “Angry Sauce” ?