June 22, 2015 12:39 pm

The Winners of Sony World Photography Awards 2015

Infossible_Sony Photography Award 2015 Andrew Suryono

Feast your eyes on the winners of the Sony World Photography Awards 2015. The winners — who take home prizes up to $30,000 — were chosen from a record-breaking 183,737 images submitted from 171 countries.  The winners has announced on last April 23rd 2015, and in addition to cash prizes for the overall Professional and Open Photographers of the Year, category winners also receive the latest digital imaging equipment from Sony and Sony Mobile.

Let’s check out the amazing photos from The Winner of Sony World Photography Awards 2015 :

L’Iris d’Or, John Moore

The recipient of the 2015 L’Iris d’Or / Sony World Photography Awards 2015, Photographer of the Year title, and $25,000 cash prize is American photographer John Moore.

Chosen from 13 Professional category winners, the winning work “Ebola Crisis Overwhelms Liberian Capital” is a hard-hitting series of images that cut to the heart of this human tragedy.

Infossible_Sony Photography Award 2015 John Moore

Open Competition 2015 Winners

From nearly 80,000 entries one single image taken by amateur German photographer Armin Appel was chosen as the overall Open Photographer of the Year. The image won the overall commendation among nine other Open category winners.

The photographer, who also received the latest Sony digital imaging equipment plus a $5,000 cash prize, took his photograph while paragliding over the vibrant landscape of Biberach an der Riss, Germany.

Infossible_Sony Photography Award 2015 Armin Appel

National Award 2015 Winners

Working across 54 countries, from Australia to Argentina, local juries were tasked to uncover and honour the best single image taken by a photographer from their country.

One of the winners from Indonesia is  ‘Orangutan in The Rain’ by Andrew Suryono.’I was taking pictures of some Orangutans in Bali and then it started to rain. Just before I put my camera away, I saw this Orangutan took a banana leaf and put it on top on his head to protect himself from the rain! I immediately used my DSLR and telephoto lens to preserve this magic moment’

Infossible_Sony Photography Award 2015 Andrew Suryono

Youth Award 2015 Winners

For talented photographers aged 19 and under, the three Youth winners were chosen from 6,675 entries covering Culture, Environment and Portraits. Nineteen-year-old student Yong Lin Tan from Malaysia is the recipient of the 2015 Youth Photographer of the Year title.

Infossible_Sony Photography Award 2015 Yong Lin Tan

Mobile Phone Award Winners & Shortlisted

The Mobile Phone competition was introduced to the Sony World Photography Awards 2015 in recognition of the increased accessibility mobile phone cameras has given photographers and how this has allowed more people to capture everyday moments in our daily lives which would otherwise go unnoticed. The inaugural winner of the Mobile Phone Award is Turi Calafato from Italy.

Infossible_Sony Photography Award 2015 Turi Calafato

Outstanding Contribution to Photography

Legendary Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt is one of the world’s greatest commercial and documentary photographers.  Known globally for his often ironic black and white images of everyday life, the photographer is this year’s recipient of the Sony World Photography Awards 2015 Outstanding Contribution to Photography prize.

Infossible_Sony Photography Award 2015 Elliott Erwitt

Student Focus Winner

The Student Focus Photographer of the Year is awarded to Russian photographer Svetlana Blagodareva from Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University.  Beating nine other shortlisted students from around the world, her prize is €35,000 worth of Sony photography equipment for her university.

People who live in the city edges spend much time on the way. In the morning mist they struggle with the remainder of sleep, in the the dawn they drowse, only by force of habit trying to read something or chat. They observe through the veil floating quarters of the city behind the window, which are quite similar only with minor dominants. Only the subtle envelope of unconsciousness makes each of them feel comfortable in between the skyscrapers, bridges and overpasses, so inhospitable in the darkness.