June 25, 2015 5:02 pm

The Most Peaceful Countries 2015


Seeking for some peaceful place? Iceland might be the right choice. Instead of its blue lagoons, cold temperatures, and stunning views, Iceland also keeps the crown of the most peaceful countries 2015, maintain its position from most peaceful countries last year.

Every year since 2008, the The Institute for Economics and Peace has released a list of world’s most peaceful countries 2015. This week, the Institute released its Global Peace Index for 2015, which ranks 162 nations around the globe. To get the result of the most peaceful countries 2015, Institute for Economics and Peace analyzes more than 20 characteristics from the level of violent crime, involvement in conflicts, the degree of militarization, political terror, weapons import and export, death from internal and external conflict, up to prison population.

Six out of the top 10 most peaceful countries were European, with Denmark and Austria holding the second and third spots. That glowing review is helped by the fact that violence-plagued Ukraine is lumped into a different region: Russia and Eurasia. That’s why at Russia held position at the bottom of the list, alongside with Syria, Sudan, and North Korea.

Let’s check out the list of 10 most peaceful countries 2015 :

1. Iceland (Score : 1.148)


2. Denmark (Score : 1.150)


3. Austria (Score : 1.198)


4. New Zealand (Score : 1.221)


5. Switzerland (Score : 1.275)


6. Finland (Score : 1.277)


7. Canada (Score : 1.287)


8. Japan (Score : 1.322)


9. Australia (Score : 1.329)


10. Czech Republic (Score : 1.341)


Although the most peaceful countries in the world are often wealthy, Westernized democracies, there are some exceptional. As published on Forbes, for example The United States, has had a consistently lackluster performance on the Index, ranking only 94th on the list of 162 countries this year, because so much of its population is incarcerated and because it is still involved in conflicts overseas.

Well, congratulation winners!