July 2, 2015 5:19 pm

Homeless Man Playing Piano and Shows His Amazing Talent


People across the Internet are mesmerized by one homeless man playing piano on the street and shows his amazing musical skills.

Donald Gould, 51-year-old, a homeless man, was seen playing a moving cover of Styx’s “Come Sail Away” on a public piano that was placed in Sarasota, Florida, as part of the city’s Sarasota Keys Piano Project. The moving performance of homeless man playing piano was caught on camera and uploaded to Facebook where it went viral with more than 2.3 million views and over 93,000 shares.

“I was thinking I could just put my hat on the piano and make a couple dollars and get tips,” Gould says. “I didn’t expect it to jump out to this.” Gould told WWSB

Gloud start his music journey with a clarinet as a kid, eventually playing the instrument for the U.S. Marine Corps. Shortly after his service, he returned to his home state of Michigan to study music education at Spring Arbor University with aspirations that one day he will teach music.

Unfortunately, he ran out of money just three semesters left ahead to graduation. Therefore, he decided to took up other jobs as he started a family.

Gloud’s pain is not end yet. In 1998, his wife suddenly passed away. After his deep lost, he began to follow a destructive path that included substance abuse, which is caused another lost in his life. He needs to let Social Services take his 3-year-old son.

He later ended up in Sarasota and began playing music with Paul Lonardo, another musician.

Now after years of living off the streets, there could finally be hope. In response of his viral video, a local restaurant named Surf Shack is offering to give Gould an audition to play in their piano bar.