July 5, 2015 5:02 pm

New Design for Muslim Sportswear


Muslim girls who’d like to do sport doesn’t have to worry anymore about their sportswear. After struggling to play sports in long skirts, a group of young Muslim girls on basketball team in Minnesota has designed their own Muslim sportswear uniform.

Lady Warriors players encountered issues like tripping on skirts and stopping a game to fix a fallen hijab.

Thul, a volunteer research consultant to the program, told the Associated Press “The girls quickly learned that traditional dress and basketball don’t mix well,”

To make the Muslim sportswear, Thul worked with Hussein, girls from her sports league, the University of Minnesota’s College of Design, the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport at the university, coaches and community members for creating this Muslim sportswear project. The Muslim sportswear culminated in the fashion show this June at the University of Minnesota.

They designed their own culturally sensitive sportswear that lets them move freely without worrying about tripping on a long, flowing dress or having a head scarf come undone at a crucial point.

The girls came up with two designs. One teal-and-black uniform with stripes which is good for all sports including swimming, and the bright red outfit include a tight black headpiece for basketball team’s.

Both Muslim sportswear are fit for everyday active wear which is arms, legs, hair, and neck are all covered. The Muslim sportswear made from bright breathable fabrics, leggings instead of skirts, knee-length tunics, and hijabs with velcro so that the headscarves stay in place.

In this June 16, 2015 photo, Zubeda Chaffe, left, waits to get back into basketball practice in her new Lady Warriors uniform in Minneapolis. The girls came up with their own culturally sensitive sportswear designs that cover their arms, legs, hair and neck preserving the modesty their religion requires. One is a bright red uniform for the Lady Warriors and the other is a teal-and-black uniform with stripes _ good for all sports including swimming. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

This is a time when several Muslim women are realizing the lack of stylish clothing options they have to choose from. The ideas to unveiling a new uniform was came after a Kickstarter was held for a waterproof, workout hijab and Uniqlo’s recent collaboration with blogger Hana Tajima featuring modest clothing geared toward Muslim women.