July 12, 2015 10:38 pm

Greatest Hacker is a British Teenager


A British teenager has been sentenced for his part in what was called the “biggest cyber attack in history“. The job that he does bring his name as the youngest greatest hacker.

One attack was launched on Spamhaus, a firm that provides details of spammers to email and network providers, in March 2013. The attack from this greatest hacker was slowed the internet around the world.

The attackers then targeted Cloudflare – a service that blocks online assaults – in what was later described as the largest known DDOS ambush by hackers at the time.

Amongst other sites that he targeted was the BBC on 24 February 2013, Sandip Patel QC for the prosecution said.

Seth Nolan Mcdonagh, is the person who playing around as the youngest greatest hacker. He was sentenced at Southwark crown court to 240 hours of community service for the attack.

Mcdonagh, who used the hacker alias “narko”, was described as a “gun for hire” who took down websites for those willing to pay, although other individuals, the court heard, may also have been involved.

Pic shows Seth Nolan-Mcdonagh at Southwark Crown Court today (Fri). A teenage cyber geek dubbed 'Narko' who 'almost broke the internet' after launching online attacks on global institutions including the BBC walked free from court today (fri) Seth Nolan-Mcdonagh was just 13 when he joined a network of online hackers who brought websites to their knees using distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks. The 'hired' help netted £70,000 from the scam that he became embroiled in after dropping out of school and losing touch with 'the real world'. See story: Central News 0207 2360116

The court also heard that more than £72,000 had been discovered in Mcdonagh’s bank account after his arrest in April 2013. Meanwhile, Mcdonagh had suffered from a severe mental illness at the time of the attack and had withdrawn from school, the wider world and even his own family.

Evidence presented in court revealed that Mcdonagh’s criminal activity started when he was 13. However, Mcdonagh is walk for free. The judge decided to let Mcdonagh to walk free, due to when the case is occurred, he was just 13 year old boy.

Judge Jeffrey Pegden said :

“You are now 18 and a half years of age and you pleaded guilty to these offences in December last year and January this year just before your eighteenth birthday and therefore you fall to be sentenced as a youth.

I emphasise at the very outset two matters in particular in respect of your culpability.

Firstly your young age when you committed these offences and secondly that at the time you were suffering, as everybody agrees, form a very significant mental illness.”

Nolan-Mcdonagh the youngest greatest hacker had also made ‘remarkable’ progress since entering rehab, the judge commented.