July 15, 2015 12:56 pm

EndPoverty Challenge From National Geographic


Photograph by : Tejbir Singh

A new photo campaign from national geographic highlights the power of images in telling critical problems that people faced in their day to day life : poverty. National Geographic is asking users to submit a photo that can illustrates how they see poverty through a hashtag #EndPoverty challenge.

Poverty is general scarcity or death, or the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. It also includes social, economic, and political elements. Poverty seems to be chronic or temporary, and most of the time it is closely caused by inequality from their living place.

However, National Geographic through EndPoverty challenge has describe poverty as a conditions of not having enough to eat or a safe place to sleep. It can mean not getting medical care when you need it or not being able to afford heat in the winter. Poverty can result in being excluded from society. Poverty and lack of opportunity often go hand in hand.

For EndPoverty challenge, National Geographic has partnering with World Bank Group. The goal of the institution is to end extreme poverty by 2030—backed by 188 governments around the world. But it will need the support of everyone to succeed.

“Photographs are powerful. They can bring attention to a problem. Maybe they can even help end poverty.”

Poverty has been an enemy of human race from decade. According to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals 2015, extreme poverty has declined significantly over the last two decades. In 1990, nearly half of the population in the developing world lived on less than $1.25 a day; that proportion dropped to 14 per cent in 2015. Globally, the number of people living in extreme poverty has fallen from 1.9 billion in 1990 to 836 million in 2015. Most progress has occurred since 2000.

To participate on this photo EndPoverty challenge, photographer needs to submit their photo to National Geographic EndPoverty challenge site, and National Geographic photographer Erika Larsen will choose the most compelling images.

Check out photos that has been submitted to EndPoverty challenge :

infossible_Bert_Matzek_endpoverty_challagePhotograph by : Bert Matzek

infossible_Debasish_Ghosh_endpoverty_challagePhotograph by : Debasish Ghosh

infossible_DOLORS_BAS_endpoverty_challagePhotograph by : DOLORS BAS

infossible_Tali_Stein_endpoverty_challagePhotograph by : Tali Stein

infossible_TMitchell_Hancock_endpoverty_challage2Photograph by : Mitchell Hancock

The challenge has been started from July 8th 2015. Last photo submission will be on July 22nd 2015, and the photos chosen will be displayed on exhibition at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C.