July 27, 2015 3:32 am

Bondi Hipsters Story of Another Story


Bondi Hipsters is a TV series from Australia, starring Christiaan Van Vuuren as Dom Nader and Nicholas Boshier as Adrian Archer in 2011. Adrian and Dom are two Eco-conscious, party animal Hipsters from Bondi who are desperate to get their fashion brand off the ground. Because of its original story, Bondi Hipsters has become one of the funniest and original shows in Australia on that moment.
However, there are always another story behind a story. Lets check out the story behind Bondi Hipsters that people needs to know. Its true, that Bondi Hipsters is really funny!

1) From TV Series to Movie

Bondi Hipsters is going to hit the big screen. Their series of  “w-neck” t-shirts, Ayahuasca trips and judgement free yoga are going to the big screen on August 2015.  The movie is funded by the Screen Australia as a part of their program to empower the people in film industry. Christiaan Van Vuuren and his brother Connor Van Vuuren, who is also the co-creator of Soul Mates had got the funding from Screen Australia, which is the seed for the upcoming film.

2) One of The Comedian of Bondi Hipsters Previously Known as The Fully Sick Rapper

Christiaan Van Vuuren who play as Dom Nader on Bondi Hipsters is a tuberculosis survivor. While in quarantine he produced his first video using the nickname The Fully Sick Rapper, entitled “I’m not sick, but I’m sick sick”. He was finally released from quarantine on 28 June 2010 after producing many more videos about his experience in isolation. His videos received nearly one million hits and led to the World Health Organization (WHO) contacting him to help promote World Tuberculosis Day.

3) Bondi Hipsters Make People Sniff Salt as a Drug

Amy Schumer and Bill Hader had a Trainwreck of an interview with the Bondi Hipsters. In an interview with The Bondi Hipsters, Schumer and Hader were immediately accused of being part of the Illuminati. After the beat changed from a mellow tune to something with a bit more bass, the group transformed into party mode where they appeared to cut and snort fake drugs, believed to be salt.

4) Ready to Replace Justin Bieber as Calvin Klein Campaign

On last January 2015, Bondi Hipsters has proved that they can sell pants like Justin Bieber did, but in different ways. If Justin Bieber sell Calvin Klein through the sexiness campaign, Bondi Hipsters sell Calvin Klein through the funnies campaign.