August 2, 2015 7:12 pm

Adobe Create Now 2015 – Adobe Creative Cloud


Adobe Create Now 2015 is a creative meet up from Adobe. This is an exclusive event for like-minded industry pros and visionaries. Discover leading artists and designers who will share their creative pieces and sources of inspiration, in areas such as graphic design, photography, video and special effects. Adobe Create Now 2015 has begun its world tour to announced the Adobe Creative Cloud since last April 2015.

The latest Adobe Create Now 2015 was conducted on last July 28th 2015, organized by Adobe Southeast Asia in Singapore. Adobe Create Now 2015 in Singapore was conducted to collaborate the people with the recently updated Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) and other Adobe Mobile apps. People can have hands-on experience in Creative Cloud apps like Adobe Shape CC, Illustrator CC etc in Adobe Experience Station and gain insights with Adobe experts. Adobe is also providing Apple Watch for the contest. The hashtags #cclaunch, #adobeshape trends all along with the contributed work from people.

This Creative Cloud event also hosted Q&A sessions with the industry leading experts like Sonny Liew, Comic Artist, Painter & Illustrator, Keshav Sishta, Commercial Photographer and with many others. As this year 2015 marks 50 years of Independence of Singapore, technological events like this makes it vibrant on its birthday.

Next Adobe Create Now 2015 in Asia-Pacific will be conducted on August 13th 2015 at China. See the full information about Adobe Create Now 2015 in China and full schedule of Adobe Create Now 2015 world tour.




Adobe had released Creative Cloud 2015 updates on June 16, 2015. Although the Creative Cloud debuted in 2013, this new release had gained attention world wide. Adobe Stock, which contains more than 40 million photos under the Royalty Free License with more options is also integrated along with Creative Cloud release. Adobe said that the new release of Creative Cloud 2015 have updates to desktop and mobile apps, which includes Adobe Brush CC, Color CC, Comp CC, Photoshop CC etc and the users can get updates with the click of a button. User Interface enhancements are made easier to use and discover desktop and mobile apps. There are 30 apps and many in the development phase of the Creative Cloud Platform.

Adobe Shape – A New Way To Trace

Adobe had released 3 apps in late 2014 – Adobe Brush CC, Shape CC, Color CC to the Creative Cloud platform. Adobe Shape CC can be used to capture shapes and turn them in to vectors using Illustrator or any other tools. Shape app can be downloaded for free and it requires Creative Cloud paid or free login. User should launch the app, capture the shape, which can be stored in the mylibrary. From mylibrary user can get the image to optimize. Images can also be retrieved from other libraries or storage location. All the Creative Cloud processes are seamless i.e, captured shape from phone will be synchronized to the cloud storage for the desktop applications to modify. User can harness thee power of cloud to work with ease on all platforms like Mobile and Desktop. Brush CC app is used to create various brushes for paintings and the re-branded Color CC app, formerly called Kuler, is used to create various colors. Brush and Color CC are also free apps.

With the 2015 release of Creative Cloud, all favorite desktop apps have been transformed to help user to work faster and more efficiently. And now their power extends to user devices with connected mobile apps, so it will enables designers can go out and capture inspiration, sample the world around, and make something incredible.