August 4, 2015 5:12 pm

Hazard Reduction Around The Globe


Hazard reduction is a wide and briefly followed practice world wide to preserve people, nature, wildlife and this planet as a whole. Hazard reduction program are designed to prevent accidents and injury in work places based on the hazards at that work place, as well as eliminate the industrial waste from company’s work place environment to ensure the safety of workers and the people around.

Once hazards and potential hazards are recognized, a hazard prevention and control program can be designed.  This consists of implementing a hierarchy of controls. There are industries, where workers are susceptible to the industry hazards and even the Industry itself.

In our daily life, people use plenty of things, and each of them play a major role in the environment. Thus many Eco-friendly products had been introduced. Considering the damage caused by the hazardous things to the environment, Go-Green is the slogan for the world, which creates awareness to the people in having the environment friendly products. For example the plastics that people use is hazardous if it is not Eco-friendly, thus the plastic pollutes the environment and people.

We Are Responsible


In terms of food products, when it is expired, it will cause threats to people and the environment. Considering that many food products are packaged in plastics which is the usage of plastics are potentially bring threat to environment. In some cases, the expired food materials, which is packaged in plastic are dumped in to the soil, which contaminates the soil, and in the meantime will causing threats to environment and wild life. This example is not limited to the industries, every person is responsible for the plastics usage, which are deposited to the soil every day in the daily use.

Nowadays, many people start to reduce of using plastics bag and start to using paper bag instead. However it still need to be implemented in a larger scale. When every people understood about the hazard of plastics usage, it will help earth breathe more longer.

E-Products Adoption


The use of e-products have been increased, like adoption to paperless substitute. All the governments have started to use e-products. United Nations Organisation is proposing the use of e-products to the countries in order to reduce the pollution and preserve the environment. The people sowing the seeds for the Hazard Reduction by minimizing the use of plastics, by shifting it into e-products. However, it is difficult to completely switch the use of these non-Eco-friendly substances, but we should keep them minimized. Every industry should get this message from the people and should implement the Hazard Reduction.

Hazard Reduction Vs Back-Burning


Hazard Reduction is also the removing or reducing the fuel before the onset of bush-fire, thus protecting the people, environment and the properties. But hazard reduction is different from the back-burning. Hazard Reduction is controlled and supervised by the fire department, to reduce the risk of uncontrollable bush-fires, so they strategically burn an area thus reducing or removing the fuel loads, so that the assets are protected in case of bush-fire. Meanwhile, back-burning is, when the bush-fire is on the move and the fire fighters will burn the bushes on the path of the fire-way in order to reduce the spreading of fire.

Every land owner and occupier should ensure that their assets are protected from bush-fire by ensuring a green zone around their home is cleared off to a level, so that bush-fire will not retract. This often is not associated by burning the area, one can use a lawn-mover to trim the grass or it can also be hand-picked etc.

New South Wales (NSW) Hazard Reduction

Australia is one of the zone, where bush-fires happens often. Australian government is always enhancing their fire safety measures. New South Wales had a Hazard Reduction in Range Road as Ballengarra SF HR Burn on 30th July, 2015. NSW also listed their Hazard Reduction campaign till 9th August on their web site. Every country have their stance on the bush-fire control.