August 16, 2015 7:23 pm

Github Desktop Application


Github is one of the largest open source code management service offered for free use. Users can Checkout the shared project’s code from the Repositories, make changes and can Commit to the Repositories. The changes will be reviewed and then included in the project. The process of submitting \contributions to the open source project is called Pull Request. Github had been in the business since 2008 and become one of the source code management solution for individuals and businesses. Github offers online account for the source control management and users can access online with the Github account. In February 2015, Github had launched Github Desktop Application for MAC environment. By using Github Desktop Application, users will be able to checkout the code, contribute and perform all the functions with online account.


After six months Github Desktop Application for Windows launched, Github had released the Desktop Application for Windows environment. Both MAC and Windows versions are unified experience across both platform. The Unified application environment for MAC and Windows versions are licensed by End Users License Agreement (EULA). Certain components of the product may be subject to Open Source license. So, both EULA and Open Source licenses are subject to the Github Desktop Application. Open Source license allows the source code to be distributed, so users can get the source code for the Github Desktop Application by sending an e-mail to

The Linux version had been taken into account for the diverse usability and until now, Github still focused on Mac and Windows versions. The Desktop Application also includes the command shell utility. Github Desktop Application has got many features, which are not included in the online versions like comparing various branches. The Desktop Application will be the alternate way to manage the source code and development process.