August 23, 2015 6:46 pm

Vittorio Brumotti, The Trial Biker Has Attacked


Vittorio Brumotti is a trial biker and the television artist from Italy. Vittorio Brumotti as well known as 100% Brumotti already get several Guinness World Record for his amazing bike performance.

Tragically, on 18th August the 35 Year Old Vittorio Brumotti and his father Claudio along with two friends had brutal roadside attack when they were on the ride. While they were riding with their bike, there is a support car following them with slow speed. The attack occurred when they were at the Provincial Road, northern Italy from Toirano to Bardineto (Savona). A car passed before them and people in there threw water on the face of the driver in the safety car and pelt the water bottle in the wind shield. This led to the clash of three people in the car, who shove water with the Vittorio’s companions.

Vittorio’s friend in the safety car asked “What are you doing?” Then the man in the car came near to Vittorio’s friend and gave him a punch to his face. Then Vittorio and his father Claudio rushed there to stop the scuffle. Claudio was kicked in the face, and Vittorio had a punch in the right eye, which will required him to have an eye surgery on August 24th 2015.


Vittorio and his friends reported to the police of this blood-thirsty incident. The three man who responsible for this accident is Albanians who lived in Italy. However, following this incident Vittorio Vrumotti asked his fans to keep calm and don’t engage in any controversy or any racism issues that might rise.