August 25, 2015 3:01 am

Google Photos – Pay With a Photo And Win Some Food!


Google has always been great with their products, with user-friendly, easily accessible and lots of real time activities, Google products always used by many people. Google Photos is one of the kind of their intuitive products, which has launched on last May 28th 2015. Google Photos gives it users a single, private place to keep a lifetime of memories, and access them from any device.

To celebrate the launch of Google Photos, the company’s online photo storage and sharing app, Google launched a food truck. The Google Photos food truck was scheduled to roll into Los Angeles on last Friday, with ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus. The great idea of Google Photos food truck has been started since Google Photos tweet on last July 23rd 2015 :

With hashtag #paywithaphoto, Google promote their Google Photos app, by giving out food stuffs for the photos with a simple exciting games using Google Photos. How to play the games, people will be given a random words like bridge, dog, food, waterfall, etc. What they need to do, is to find their photo from Google Photos that match with that words in 20 seconds. If they able to do so in 20 seconds, they get food stuffs from the Google Photos food truck for free. Even, if they don’t find the photo in 20 seconds, they still get a smaller ice cream. Check out video below for more details of #paywithaphoto from Google Photos :

Infossible_google-photos-paywithaphoto2 Infossible_google-photos-paywithaphoto3

The event was took place last August 21st-22nd August 2015 in Los Angeles. Many people were gathered and really excited to play the game and get the sweet waffle or ice cream as the return. Even the American singer and actress, Madison Beer has come and try out Google Photos #paywithaphoto.

Actually this promotion is a good move, remembering the last Google Photos case as well known as Google Gorilla.