August 30, 2015 2:13 am

Electronic Devices Theft Increase In UK


The use of electronic devices has been increasing every year, so as the electronic devices theft. United Kingdom (UK) being one of the pioneering technological products and services is no exception. However, people in London are twice as likely to have an electronic device, such as a laptop, mobile phone or tablet stolen than those in the rest of the country, it has emerged. ViaSat, a company for security and communications had asked the theft crime reports from the UK police based on the Freedom Of Information (FOI).


Report for March 2014 to Feb 2015.

The reports say that the Leicestershire is on the top of the list with 51% of accounted electronic devices thefts from March 2014 to Feb 2015. In total, electronic devices thefts such as computers, smartphones and tablets accounted for 34 per cent of all thefts in London, compared to 17 per cent for the rest of the country. Such incidents are accounted to 24% in the Greater Manchester area for this year, which is unchanged, when compared to the previous year.

ViaSat says that one-tenth of the stolen devices have sensitive information, which are reported to the Information Commissioner Office (ICO). ViaSat CEO, Chris McIntosh says that the burglary is not only concerned with the devices alone, it is also the data in the devices matters. Which is then used for blackmail, identity theft, details of personal information etc.

In order to prevent the following crime of electronic devices theft into data theft, Smartphone like Apple has an option called “Kill Switch”, to prevent Smartphone theft get the access into it, which makes the phone useless if it is stolen. After the company added a kill switch to its Find My iPhone app in 2013, police departments around the country reported that iPhone thefts dropped. Samsung also added a kill switch called Reactivation Lock to a few phone models in 2013. But, in general, Android phones haven’t had the technology. To protect their devices, consumers had to download aftermarket security apps.

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Concerning about the electronic devices theft, Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, believes that every smartphone should be equipped with a kill switch that allows user to deactivate the phone and remove all information from the device. By making stolen smartphones inoperable—and ultimately unsellable—they’re less attractive to criminals.