September 2, 2015 4:22 pm

The Largest Apple Hack, More Than 200,000 Apple Account Stolen


Researchers at Palo Alto Networks and Weiptech have discovered that more than 225,000 valid Apple accounts has been stolen. This is the largest Apple account stolen caused by malware ever. Thankfully, that the malware as known as KeyRaider, only attack jailbreak iPhone.

‘Jailbreaking’ your phone is when you remove the hardware restrictions on iOS and allows you to access banned apps and customise your phone, among other things. However, as jailbreaking is not approved by Apple and it is done using unauthorised tools, it’s also an easy way for malicious people to install malware and the possibility of Apple account stolen may occured.

While China has been the largest hit from total 225,000 Apple account stolen, the threat is believed to have impacted users from 18 countries including America, Canada and Australia. KeyRaider steals Apple account usernames, passwords and device GUID by intercepting iTunes traffic on the device. It also steals all the information of owner’s App store purchases and prevents people from recovering their phone once their Apple account stolen by KeyRaider.


Not only stole it, the malware also use it for another purpose. The hackers have uploaded software that lets other people purchase iTunes apps for “free,” using the victims’ accounts. About 20,000 people have downloaded the software that lets them steal from the 225,000 affected iPhone owners.

Palo Alto Networks said the victims of this Apple account stolen by KeyRaider have reported that their Apple account purchase history has displayed apps they never bought. Others say their phones have been locked. Meanwhile, WeipTech has located half the database of stolen account information and has created an online checker for users to see if they have been compromised (Note: Google Translate may be required as the website is in Chinese).

However, if the iPhone still has the default configurations, there is no need to check, due to this malware only infected jailbreak iphone. Here is the tips by telegraph to avoid your Apple account stolen :

  • Don’t download any third party apps that haven’t been sanctioned by Apple
  • Change your passwords regularly
  • Keep your sensitive emails secure, use different passwords for different email accounts
  • If you have jailbroken your phone, change your passwords
  • Take your devices to the Apple store if you have any queries and you’ll get a free consultation