September 3, 2015 8:13 pm

Use This Cat Street View When You Travel to Japan


Google might be success presenting Google street view as the way people see the world in real look with 3D view. However, one thing that Google street view doesn’t have is a view from cat’s eye.

In Japan, where Tama the cat the only one cat held position as stationmaster, people can use another maps instead of Google street view. People can also explore the country using cat street view to see the world differently, from cat’s eye. Hiroshima prefecture has launched cat street view, which offers new side of attractions from a different angle.

The prefecture on Tuesday launched a website with what it calls the world’s first “cat’s-eye view” street map, which users can explore some locations in Onomichi city from a more grounded perspective. Onomichi has been chosen as the city to launch Cat street view, due to it has large number of cats, and it is also home to a museum dedicated to Japan’s ‘maneki-neko’ cat dolls. Hiroshima tourism official said :

“We were seeking to introduce a different way to look at our cities and offer a view of the streets that wasn’t available before,”

Hiroshima Cat Street View features 360-degree imagery with a point of view that’s low to the ground and a cursor in the shape of a paw print. With cat street view, people can explores the streets of port city Onomichi from the purr-spective of a four-pawed visitor. It shows 28 shops and seven landmarks, and notes the usual locations of 11 of the city’s beloved cats.


The map is based on the perspective of Lala, a fluffy kitty with emerald-coloured eyes, who lives with local hair salon owner. So far the map covers just two streets but plans to expand its reach are in the works using a camera attached to a stick that hovers 20 centimeters (eight inches) above the ground. The prefecture will add more locations to the map in October, including the Misode Shrine area in Onomichi.