September 4, 2015 2:31 pm

Video Music Awards 2015 – Kanye West for President 2020, Bieber Tears, and Swift Cocaine?


The most prestigious award in music industry got its winner. The MTV Video Music Awards 2015 was held on August 30th, 2015 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California, and hosted by Miley Cyrus. Taylor Swift brings home 4 awards from 16 categories, including Video of The Year 2015. 

A lot of things happens when MTV Video Music Awards 2015 celebration. From controversial statement from Kanye West that he will heading to US President 2020, emotional tears from Justin Bieber, until the issues of Taylor Swift use cocaine on the backstage before performing on MTV Video Music Awards 2015. Lets see how all of those things happens.

Kanye West Campaign for US President 2020

Infossible_Kanye-West-For-PresidentKanye West maybe inspired by Snoop Dogg for Twitter CEO. But Kanye West wants to held a higher position, US President. Kanye West for US President 2020 announce his campaign through his speech on MTV Video Music Awards 2015 when he’s got Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Kanye West for US President 2020 got respond from White House. As cited by Time, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest joked about the rapper’s possible campaign swag, saying he looks forward to seeing what slogan Kanye will choose to embroider on his campaign hat. Jimmy Kimmel also poked fun by comparing Kanye West and Donald Trump, the strong candidate for US President. Both look have some similar thought, that might be a good sign for Kanye West to become US President 2020. Check out the video below :


Justin Bieber Emotional Tears

Infossible_Justin-Bieber-TearsJustin Bieber performed at the VMAs for the first time in five years, and end his performance by emotional tears. Justin Bieber emotional tears leave a big question to the audience.

Justin Bieber emotional tears mystery finally has solved. On an interview with The Tonight Show on last Wednesday and cited by Rollingstone, Justin Bieber explained the emotional stakes preempting his performance at the Video Music Awards 2015.

“It was so overwhelming for me, everything, the performance,” Bieber said. “I missed some cues so I was a little disappointed with that… and I just wasn’t expecting them to support me the way they did. Last time I was at an awards show, I was booed.”


Taylor Swift Does Cocaine on The Backstage?

Infossible_Taylor-Swift-CocaineThe issues that Taylor Swift doing cocaine on MTV Video Music Awards 2015 occured when a video entitled “Taylor Swift does Coke?” was uploaded to YouTube. The video got up to 6,700 views on YouTube before a legal takedown notice from Viacom (MTV’s owner) scrubbed it off the site. However, before it removes from Youtube,  a link to the video “Taylor Swift Does Coke” was sent to Gawker and still published on their article about the issues concern.

In the video, which looks to be a recording of an official online livestream of the VMAs, showed Taylor Swift walking on the backstage and suddenly stop. The star looks holding an item to her nose while her crew hiding her and give her un-spotted space from the camera. Three of her entourage linked their arms and raised them around her to give her some privacy. Followed by her assistant crouching down and looking directly up Swift’s nose with a flashlight to check for errant boogies.

Infossible_Taylor-Swift-Cocaine2Responding on this issues, Taylor Swift representatives denied it and said Taylor Swift was simply blowing her nose and didn’t want that image to appear on MTV. However, when the video viewed in slow motion it is very clear that Taylor was holding a tissue, not a cocaine. Swift’s publicist Tree Paine threatened to sue Gawker if they reported Swift was doing cocaine.

However, those three star was a winner on MTV Video Music Awards 2015. They create a masterpiece and inspired people through their albums, have a loyal fans, and a great public figure. Check the full list winner of MTV Video Music Awards 2015 here.