September 11, 2015 10:50 pm

Ragunan Zoo App, Innovation in Zoo Industry


Ragunan Zoo is the second largest in the world, spreading across 147 hectares in Jakarta, Indonesia. Established in 1864 by the Dutch East Indies flora and fauna lovers organization, Ragunan zoo is a home for more 270 species of animals and 171 species of flora, which provides the cool environment in all seasons.

Ragunan zoo is the main attraction in Jakarta City which hosts the wildlife in the best environment and focusing on its conservation. In order to keep the popularity of Ragunan zoo, starting on July 2015 Ragunan zoo has been launched Ragunan zoo app.

Sandy Colondam, the creator of Ragunan zoo app is a young programmer who win The Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest (IWIC). This is the 5th time for Sandy as the winner of IWIC. President Director & CEO of Indosat, Alexander Rusli said that Ragunan zoo app is a form of support from Indosat to give edutainment facility for learning about animals. Alex hopes that with Ragunan zoo app, people will be more interest to visit Ragunan zoo.

Ragunan zoo app, allows people to find any information about the zoo, such as the entrance fees, zoo timings, wildlife park, animal activity and also location of each animal in all the zoo area. The app is provided in English and Indonesian languages. Public Relation of Ragunan zoo said :

“With this application, visitor can find the animal location that they’d like to see in an easy way”


Ragunan zoo app has animal badge section, when a badge is selected, the corresponding animal sound will be played.


Ragunan zoo app has got a photo booth, where the photos can be selected from the gallery or take the photos directly from camera and can be framed with the cute and fun frame selections from the zoo.


The animals trivias sections holds the fact and information about the animals and it is presented as a quiz, to make it more interesting, it also includes scores.


The animal collections section consist of animals in the zoo and they are represented as Mammals, Reptiles, Aves, Fishes.


The app contains the zoo map, this assist the people to find the locations of animals, it is a very useful feature as the zoo area is very huge. The map is integrated with GPS, so people will be able to see their location and where they should heading into to see the animals that they’d like to see.


The home page contains the Next Attraction Slot, where the animals feeding time will be posted and people can be at the location mentioned, to watch their favorite animals taking food. The home page also contains the fun-facts about the animals, which can also be shared through the social media like Facebook and Twitter.


This app educates the people about the wildlife and guides them in the zoo, In the future, this app data should be updated to make its information match with the current status of the zoo. The app is currently available for Android phones and can be downloaded through Google Play Store.