September 13, 2015 4:15 pm

Apple Watch Hermès, Pioneering innovation


There is an update from the most valuable brand 2015, in regards of its Apple Watch. As part of its ongoing effort to convince people with trust funds and personal shoppers to use its new wearable, Apple has partnered with famous French luxury house Hermès to create the Apple Watch Hermès, which will bring new look for their smartwatch. Apple Watch Hermès will be on sale starting from October 5th 2015.

The original Apple Watch is a good-looking watch, but the Hermes Cape Cod is more elegant, more refined. This watch is Hermes on the outside, Apple on the inside. Both on Hermes and Apple website has describe that Apple Watch Hermès is a product of elegant, artful simplicity — the ultimate tool for modern life. Apple Watch Hermès available in Hermes and Apple Store worldwide with affordable price starting from $1100 up to $1500.


When Apple revealed its partnership with Hermès it can’t be denied that the pairing of two big company is an attractive marketing to give an exposure for both. People wondering, how can Apple with its futuristic and used to be independent for their own product can have a partnership with famous fashion brand? In fact, Apple began the partnership with Hermès before the first Apple Watch was even launched. Regarding Apple Watch Hermès, Apple design chief Jony Ive said :

“It’s something highly unusual for Apple to do—to talk about an unannounced project,”

Ive also commented on the company’s decision to feature the Hermès logo and name prominently on the watch face of the special edition device, a move that defies Apple tradition. However, he also resists that the notion that Apple is becoming exclusive, a defining characteristic of luxury goods.