September 27, 2015 3:14 pm

The Tripl, a New Way For Delivering Goods


While electric scooter or motorbike has been chosen as the alternative solution to decrease air pollution, a Danish company has invent an electric vehicle differently. Trefor Drive creates The Tripl, electric vehicle that can be not just a solution for air pollution, but also can be use for delivering goods in elegant, healthy, and environment friendly way. The Tripl doesn’t emit any CO2 as the result of its engine, that what makes The Tripl an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient electric vehicle.

The Tripl has a large cargo which is ideal for delivering goods in cities. The Tripl cargo area sets it apart with wise design. The cargo also can be customized for an individual client and switched out easily for different needs. The Tripl’s cargo can carry up to 440 pounds and hold more than 36 cubic feet (more than a Mercedes-Benz E-class wagon). With its unique design, The Tripl is the first electric vehicle of its kind. It is the great way for any products which provide delivery service. With its unique design, The Tripl can be a good catcher, either while delivering goods or trade shows and festivals.

Infossible_The-Tripl  Infossible_The-Tripl-2Infossible_The-Tripl-3The battery for The Tripl available in four different size. With a 8.0 kWh lithium-ion battery can run up to 100 km depending on the number of starts and stops. A battery of 8.0 kWh will be fully charged after 8 hours with a standard charger of 1 kWh. However, an optional quick charger also available for charge a 8.0 kWh battery in 4.5 hours.