October 27, 2015 12:50 pm

Future Hotel Design For Your Next Travel Destination


The world’s largest hotel Abraj Kudai is set to open in Mecca Saudi Arabia in 2017 with twelve towers, 70 restaurants, four helipads, and a full-size convention center. However, instead of Abraj Kudai with its splendid facility, there are also several hotel that will open in a near future with an amazing future hotel design that can make people deeply in love on the first sight.

Let’s find out below future hotel design as listed by CNN for your next travel destination :

Shimao Wonderland InterContinental


A five-star hotel that is carved into an abandoned quarry outside Shanghai will be accomplished in early 2017. With 328 rooms cascading down a rugged cliff face toward a 90-meter-deep shining bright clear lagoon, underwater restaurant and many public area will make this hotel a must visit place in China.

The Royal Atlantis


This luxury resort will house 800 guest rooms and 250 luxury apartments across 46 floors of stacked glass boxes. With $1.4 billion, Kerzner International hopes to redefine luxury in Dubai when its open in 2018.

Amillarah Private Islands


Amillarah Private Islands will be one of the most beautiful luxury getaways around. For those people who wants to escape from their routine and relax for a while, a private islands is absolutely the best choice. With high-end villa with private beach fronts, modern and minimalist designed apartments, and a variety of hospitality and retail options.

Salt & Water Floating Hotel


The name has describe this hotel concept. The main idea is to allow users to enjoy their visit through a navigation at a very slow speed and with an uninterrupted view of the nature around. The floating hotel is developed with aim to promote tourism on inland lakes.

Lofoten Opera Hotel


Located in spectacular; sunny, right in the middle of majestic landscape elements in Norway, the hotel has a snake-shaped architectural. Though the hotel was open in 2015, the completion date has not revealed yet.

Poseidon Underwater Resort


This is the first hotel which the whole of it are build underwater. The project is stated to be the most economically successful hospitality projects in the world for its size, represents the world’s finest undersea vacation experience.

Dawang Mountain


Seems like Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental is not the only one hotel that maximize abandoned quarry. Located in Dawang Mountain Resort Area, the resort contained 330 suites, Entertainment Ice World with an Indoor Ski Slope, a Water Park, supporting restaurant and shopping facilities.

The Hotel Crescent


Hotel Crescent will become the centerpiece of the sprawling 450,000-square-meter Crescent Bay skyscraper complex when completed in late 2016. With the interesting half-moon rising above the Caspian sea, Crescent Hotel is expected to play a key role as the gate to open the future of Azerbaijan, Baku.

Keemala Resort


Tropical space of thatched huts, tree-house pools and terraced herb gardens tucked into a rainforest along the Andaman Sea in Thailand. The hotel is for adult only, and will be open by the end of this year.

The future hotel design will include a modern and full-tech room. As reviewed by Business Insider on how the room in future hotel design should be looks like are include :

SPA looks in guest bathroom

This is what Sofitel So in Bangkok did. Research said that woman has spending their time in a bathroom much more longer than a man. In order to make them feel comfortable in a bathroom, SPA interior are the right choice.

High-tech features in guest room

Technology has allowed people to do whatever they’d like to do with one single touch from one device. In a room of future hotel design, guest will be able to control lights and air conditioning through their smartphone. Even Starwood already let guests use their smartphones as room keys in many of their properties.

Room equipped with smart mirrors

Aloft brand from Starwood already experimenting with a bathroom mirror that has touchscreen buttons allowing guests to adjust the bathroom’s LED lighting. Meanwhile, Four Points properties are developing Smart Mirrors, digital mirrors with touch screen capabilities to read headlines or check the weather for instance.

More natural elements

As the form of go-green support, future hotel design will include more natural elements. Such as citing more organic lines, as well as natural materials, colors and textures that give a hotel a more natural feeling vibe.

Focus more on quality bedding

A perfect sleep is the priority for guest when they choose a hotel for stay. And that is what every hotel should offers as their main service, a perfect sleep for guest’s long journey. Westin spent $30 million developing the 10-layer Heavenly Bed, which promises the perfect night’s sleep.