November 8, 2015 3:01 am

Gangnam Style Statue Will be Erected in Seoul


The most phenomenal Korean song “Gangnam Style” will be enshrined through Gangnam Style statue in Seoul, Soth Korea. Gangnam Style statue is dedicated to the South Korean music hit Gangnam Style released by South Korean singer Psy in 2012. Gangnam Style statue will be erected next month outside the COEX shopping and exhibition center, where the first part of the video was shot.

The statue will reflect the dance move that was imitated across the world, well known as “horse-riding” dance move. Gangnam Style statue will consist of two giant fists overlapped at the wrist. Gangnam tourism director Park Hee-Soo told to AFP :

“Thanks to the music video, Gangnam became known throughout the world. We hope this will become a landmark for our district”

Describing the sculpture, Park Hee-Soo also confirmed that the Gangnam Style song would play when eager fans stand underneath it. As he added :

“Tourists can take pictures under the statue and the song will play automatically when you stand there,”

“Gangnam Style” remains the most-watched video on YouTube of all time with more than 2.4 billion views. Even the most popular artist in 2015 like Taylor Swift is on the 2nd place with 1.2 billion views on her “Blank Space” clip.

However, Psy fortune is not follows their “Gentleman” and “Hangover” clip. Both clip received a relatively lukewarm response from fans, with less than 1 billion views on YouTube.