November 9, 2015 1:51 am

Help Homeless Through 100 Cameras, Graffiti, and Homeless World Cup


Homeless is an issue that almost every country have to faced. Economy crisis, lack of education, strict competition among people to get a job, and less initiative from government to take care of their citizen are the main reason why homeless is always increase year by year. The image of homeless in people’s eyes mostly assumes that homeless is harmful, dangerous, and close to criminality. However, if we look more deeper, those people are not that bad, they just doesn’t get opportunity to shows their talent, because nobody cares who they are. Still remember the old homeless man who play piano and show his amazing talent become viral after the video was uploaded to facebook several months ago. It proves that many homeless are actually have a potential skills and talent, and what they need is just the opportunity to show it.

In this century, where people are much more selfish and only care about themselves, there are also several people who put their attention and give their hands to help homeless. Not directly give amount of money, but more like give them confidence, skills and knowledge that they could use in their life. Check out the way of this amazing people to help homeless :

100 Cameras to Help Homeless

In July, Café Art, a London-based arts initiative, came up with an ingenious way to help homeless express themselves through art : London homeless photo contest. 100 Fujifilm disposable cameras had gave to people living on the streets around London under one instruction: take photographs that capture “My London.”

Camera recipients were also given training from the Royal Photographic Society.
Days later, eighty of the 100 cameras were returned with more than 2,500 pictures taken, and the results are stunning.

Infossible_Help-Homeless-100-Cameras Infossible_Help-Homeless-100-Cameras-1 Infossible_Help-Homeless-100-Cameras-2
A panel of judges consist of representatives from Fujifilm, Amateur Photographer magazine, the London Photo Festival, Christie’s and Homeless Link picked 20 of the best photographs, and they were shown at a exhibition at Spitalfields Art Market in London. Visitors to the “My London” exhibition were asked to choose their favorite images. Café Art says the most popular photos will be featured in a 2016 calendar and sold to the public. Café Art also start Kickstarter campaign to fund the calendar’s creation and raised upto £17,500.

Skid Robot Help Homeless Through Graffiti

Skid Robot is a graffiti artist and activist, whose work humanists the city’s booming homeless population and illuminates their plight. Skid help homeless by create painting the things that homeless lack on, to the walls and pavements around them: beds, homes, beautiful views.

Infossible_Help-Homeless-Skid-Robot-2 Infossible_Help-Homeless-Skid-Robot-1

The idea was came when he take a walk with his girlfriend and complaining about the state of the city’s street-art scene. Skid Robot would like to do something different through graffiti, to more inspire people and work together to end homelessness. As reviewed by, he says :

“Graffiti has always been the voice of people in a revolution,”
“If there’s discontent among people, it ends up on the wall. And everyone reads the writing on the wall.” 

The artist is also involved in an initiative to house homeless families and veterans, in collaboration with a local shelter and the LAPD’s Skid Row division. He is also inviting all people to join and call every artist, musician, activist, or everybody who’d like to help homeless through his website

The Homeless World Cup

The Homeless World Cup is a unique and pioneering social movement which uses football to inspire homeless people to change their lives. The tournament organized by the Homeless World Cup organization, consist of more than 70 countries. The 13th Homeless World Cup 2015 was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands at the Museumplein from September 12th – 19th 2015, comprised of over 500 players, with teams from 48 nations.

Check out photos below of Homeless Worldcup 2015 :

Team Indonesia is organized by Rumah Cemara, a community-based organization. The organization works to reduce the stigma surrounding HIV, in particular, and some of its players are HIV positive.Team Indonesia is organized by Rumah Cemara, a community-based organization. The organization works to reduce the stigma surrounding HIV, in particular, and some of its players are HIV positive.

Infossible_Help-Homeless-World-cup-NetherlandThe Dutch team is organized by the Life Goals Foundation, which supports homeless and socially disadvantaged men and women, those affected by substance abuse, victims of domestic violence, and former prisoners.

Infossible_Help-Homeless-World-cup-EnglandThe English men’s women’s team are organized by the Homeless Football Association (Homeless FA), which uses football as a means of improving the lives of people who are homeless in England.

Infossible_Help-Homeless-World-cup-BrazilTeam Brazil is organized by Futebol Social – Organizacao Civil De Acao Social (Social Football – Organization for Social Action), which helps participants find employment as a path out of poverty.

Mexico has took the trophies for 13th Homeless World Cup 2015 for both Woman’s and Man’s soccer. Ukraine follows in the second place, meanwhile Portugal and Brazil has came up as the third and forth position.