November 15, 2015 6:05 pm

Davide Martello, a Pianist Who Play “Imagine” Outside France Attacked Bomb Place


This guy didn’t give a hand bouquet, share status on social media, or raising funds to shows his empathy to France bomb attack that happens lately, but he plays “imagine” John Lennon with his grand piano outside Paris’ Le Bataclan. According to a Wall Street Journal reporter based in Paris, the pianist arrived at the scene with a piano attached to a bicycle.

Still remember a video that goes viral, starring Donald Gold, a 51-Year-Old homeless man who plays piano on the street and shows his amazing talent? Davide Martello a.k.a Klavier Kunst is also a talented pianist that, but he use his talent in different way. Davide Martello is a German pianist who play “Imagine” by John Lennon outside the location where 89 people have killed through the bomb attack in Paris last Friday, November 13th 2015. CNN’s Hala Gorani reported on it live from the scene Saturday during the CNN morning show “New Day.” The sounds of the piano can be heard in the background of her report.

As tweeted by Davide Martello, said he would be playing Paris, rather than appearing as planned on Saturday in the German city of Konstanz. A huge white peace sign was painted atop the piano’s lid, and the crowd gathers around. Martello rode away quietly once the song was done. After his solo performance, Davide Mortello tweeted “Paris — I feel with you, Let’s stand together for a free and peaceful world.

Two years ago, Davide Martello appeared and performed during the anti-government protests in Taksim Square, Istanbul— a show that ended with tear gas from police. He has performed in more than 35 countries and a dozen U.S. cities.

Davide Mortello explained on his Facebook page, what inspires him to came along to Paris and play “Imagine” in front of the location of bomb attacked.

“……Everything started in a Irish pub in Konstanz while I was watching the soccer match between France and Germany. After I saw that insane violence I just followed my heart and went to Paris with my piano.”

It is the site of the deadliest in a series of gun attacks and bombings across Paris that have killed at least 129 people and more than 200 people wounded. Eight assailants — a mix of gunmen and suicide bombers– attacks six popular Parisian recreational spots, included the Bataclan concert hall and eateries around the Stade de France sports stadium where a France-Germany football match was underway.