November 18, 2015 5:23 am

Emirates New Airbus A380, Able to Fly a City With 615 Passengers


As one of the world’s best airline 2015, Emirates airlines keep improving their performance and recently create the innovation in Airlines industry. Emirates has invented the largest capacity commercial plane in the world, through Emirates new Airbus A380 with 615 seats available. Emirates new Airbus A380 has beats the previous record from Air France A380 s with 538 seats, make Emirates new Airbus A380 hold the record as the Airlines with the most seats ever. In addition, with just business and economy classes, Emirates’ massive new plane is the first two-class A380 in the world.

Emirates new Airbus A380 has 557 seats in economy and 58 seats in business class. Eliminated the first class and fewer flat-bed seats in business class, it will be able for 130 additional economy seats, makes Emirates new Airbus A380 carrying 615 passengers in total which is equal to the population of a small village. The economy class will still be spacious and comfortable, and guests will be able to pass the time by watching films or TV shows on one of the industry’s widest in-flight entertainment screens, at 13.3in.

Infossible_Emirates-new-Airbus-A380Infossible_Emirates-new-Airbus-A380-1Infossible_Emirates-new-Airbus-A380-2The A380 is basically a flying building. It’s a big bus truck of airliners, with four engines and two floors of seats. Sadly the Emirates new A380 need to throw away their roomy first-class section and legendary shower facilities. However, the famous bar is still there in business class. Here is the commercial video of Emirates A380 featuring Jennifer Aniston before the new configuration :

Emirates new Airbus A380 will take Dubai-Copenhagen route for their first flight when it enters commercial service on 1 December. The average flight time between Dubai and Copenhagen is seven hours and a one-way economy class ticket costs about £350 ($540).