November 18, 2015 6:07 pm

The World’s Most Expensive Diamond Owned by 7-Year-Old Girl


The shimmering blue stone set in a ring, with 12.03 carats and exceptionally fancy vivid blue color. That is how the world’s most expensive diamond ‘Blue Moon’ looks like. On Wednesday, November 18th 2015, the ‘Blue Moon’ diamond sold for a whopping $48.4 million, making it the world’s most expensive diamond.

Infossible_most-expensive-diamond-2The record sale took place at a Sotheby’s auction in Geneva, and according to the auctioneer David Bennett, Blue Moon is also the highest price per carat ever obtained for any kind of stone, with the buyer shelling out 4.02 million Swiss francs per carat. The most expensive diamond is sold to the Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau for her 7-Year-Old daughter, Josephine Lau. The most expensive diamond now named “Blue Moon of Josephine”. David Bennett said :

“Blue Moon” sale broke several records, making the gemstone the most expensive diamond, regardless of color, and the most expensive jewel ever sold at auction”

The most expensive diamond “Blue Moon of Josephine” is not her first diamond. Just a day before, at a Christie’s auction also in Geneva, Joseph Lau dished out $28.5 million for a huge 16.08-carat pink diamond and immediately renamed it as “Sweet Josephine”, and back in 2009 Lau purchased a 7.03-carat blue diamond for $9.48 million and named it, the “Star of Josephine”.

Infossible_most-expensive-diamond-1Joseph Lau is a self-made millionaire who built up an astonishing property empire as the owner of Chinese Estates. Ranked as the 6th richest person in Hong Kong, he is famous for his lavish spending. He is among one of the first people to own a Boeing 787 Dreamliner for private use, and said to have a red wine collection of comprising 10,000 bottles and regularly pays eye-watering amounts of money for rare pieces of art.

Josephine is Joseph Lau’s daughter with girlfriend and former aid Chan Hoi-wan, according to local media and cited by Daily Mail. The 64-year-old Hong Kong tycoon also has two children with long-time partner Yvonne Lui.

Infossible_Joseph-Lau-GirlfriendIn March last year, he was found guilty of bribing a former minister in the gambling enclave of Macau in an attempt to purchase a prime development site. Lau was sentenced to more than five years — a punishment that he has faced by avoiding it. Lau, who was not in Macau for the sentencing, couldn’t be able to serve time, as the two semi-autonomous Chinese cities do not have an extradition agreement.