November 21, 2015 7:59 pm

How Bill Gates Starts Microsoft and Becomes The Richest Man on The Planet


As the richest man on the planet, there are a lot of things that Bill Gates have been through. Born in the same year of Steve Jobs in 1955, his father was a great lawyer. His mother is a business woman that successfully held the first female president of King County’s United Way, and the first woman on the First Interstate Bank of Washington’s board of directors.

Start hacked in age 13

When he was 13 years old, his school buy one machine and a teletype. That was the first time for Bill Gates saw a computer. He wrote his first computer program on this machine: an implementation of tic-tac-toe that allowed users to play games against the computer. Until one day, Bill Gates and his other fellow Paul Allen, Ric Weiland, and Kent Evans were banned from school. They were caught when exploiting bugs in the operating system, or in other words they tried to hacked the system to get free computer time. However, the school realized that Bill Gates and his fellow friends had a rare skill, therefore they asked him to use the computer and help them to find bugs.

Yes I can, Yes I have (even when I can’t and haven’t)

While Bill Gates in Harvard, he saw ad on Popular Electronics about the release of the MITS Altair 8800 based on the Intel 8080 CPU. He saw an opportunity on that time to build his own company. Therefore, Bill Gates called them right away, saying that he wrote a programming language for it –even though he hadn’t at that time-. Bill Gates asked if they might buy it, and yes MITS interested to buy and would like to see the demo. Right away, Bill Gates and Paul Allen start to write the programming language and they did it. The programming language ALTAIR Basic was sold to MITS. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard on that moment, and talked this decision with his parents. His parents were support him, after seeing how much they son wanted to start a company.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft in 1976. They made a great deal with IBM in 1981, and made Microsoft a major player in the industry. In 1987, a day before his 32nd birthday, Bill Gates becomes the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. He held the title of the richest man and the wealthiest since 1995. Until this year, Bill Gates still the richest man on the planet 2015.

Let’s see how Bill Gates open his gate to be the most richest man on the planet on infographic from Funder and Founders below :


As the richest man on the planet, for sure Bill Gates face a lot of obstacles and need to deal with people who doesn’t like his fortune.

United States vs Microsoft

In 1998, United States Department of Justice (DOJ) along with 20 states alleged that Microsoft abused monopoly power on Intel-based personal computers in its handling of operating system and web browser sales. The United States vs Microsoft case was reached the settlement in 2001 that required Microsoft to share its application programming interfaces with third-party companies and appoint a panel of three people who will have full access to Microsoft’s systems, records, and source code for five years in order to ensure compliance.

Centibillionaire, the richest man on the planet

Here is the sweet part of Bill Gates life. In 1999, his wealth briefly surpassed $101 billion, causing the media call Gates a “centibillionaire”. Between 2009 and 2014, his wealth doubled from US$40 billion to more than US$82 billion, and between 2013 and 2014, his wealth increased by US$15 billion. He also founded Bill & Melinda Foundation in 2000, a charity foundation where famous American businessman Warren Buffet spent 99% of his fortune to charity.