November 23, 2015 7:09 am

Why People Need to Stop Scaring Their Cat With Cucumber


The video showing cat and cucumber has been viral recently. The cat and cucumber video which was uploaded a week ago has reached out more than 3 million views on Youtube. The video shows people placing cucumber behind the cats while they are eating food from a bowl. The cats freak out and jump into the air when they spot the cucumber. Check out one of cat and cucumber video that goes viral recently below :

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Scaring the cat with cucumber while they eat and recording it on a mobile phone is apparently a new trend. The relationship between cat and cucumber leaving many observers curiosities and the big question on what is going on between cat and cucumber.

Infossible_cat-and-cucumberAnimal behaviorist expert Jill Goldman believes she may have the answer. She warns people to stop scaring their cat with cucumber and end this trend. She told to National Geographic “If you cause stress to an animal that’s probably not a good thing,” She also questioned on people’s humanity if they scare their cats just for laughs.

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Goldman explains that the cucumbers are triggering the cats’ natural startle responses, since they would not normally see cucumbers on the floor.

“With a startle response, a cat will often try to get out of there as quickly as possible and then reassess from a distance,”

According to Goldman, it’s also possible that the green color and shape of cucumber might remain cats with a snake, which can be deadly predators. However, Mikel Delgado, a certified cat behavior consultant seems like disagree with Goldman analysis. She says to Huffington Post that she doubt that theory, noting that some cats hunt snakes.


Calgary Cat Clinic vet technician Lara Chan warned the cucumber trauma could cause long-term problems for your lovely cat. As she said to CBC and cited by the Telegraph :

“What I actually worry about is long-term psychological problems. Some cats are quite delicate,”

“You’re terrifying them. They’re reacting like this because they’re worried that something is going to hurt them. And you’re doing this in their house where you want them to be safe and secure.”

So stop to scaring your cat with cucumber and laugh for it. Remember to treat them as your best friend and make them feel safe and secure as it should be.