December 6, 2015 11:17 pm

Christmas Decoration Ideas 2015


December has come, it’s time for the most important day in a whole year for those who celebrate it: Christmas. The moment when family meet each other, all sins forgiven, and there will be a lot of unique Christmas Decoration Ideas along the way.

For this special moment, people will decorate their house to show their Christmas spirit. Not only house, public places such as hotel, shopping center, school, and restaurant also decorate their place in gratitude for Christmas. From many Christmas decoration ideas, find out below top 10 Christmas decorating ideas to fulfill your Christmas spirit. These Christmas decoration ideas could apply everywhere, house, school, restaurant, or hotel. Get ready to bring joy to your place!

Christmas decoration ideas – Santa Chair Suit

Family dinner is one of traditions that people don’t want to miss on Christmas. Either they are having dinner in their house or in their favorite restaurant. This cute Santa chair suit is the best choice for your Christmas decoration ideas. Grab it fast here for only $12.88


Christmas decoration ideas – Snowman Toilet

Christmas is everywhere, including in your bathroom! Don’t forget to decorate your bathroom as well with snowman for only $11.99

Christmas decoration ideas – Icecicle Solar LED

Christmas will feel incomplete without trees, ornaments, and lights. This solar LED will lighten your Christmas without worrying your electricity bill.

Christmas decoration ideas – Santa Chef

Who says Santa could not be a chef? Anything can happen on Christmas, including Santa Chef to serve the best food in your favorite restaurant!

Christmas decoration ideas – Napkin Ring

This cute napkin ring will make your dinner table look fantastic. Take it for only $5.26

Christmas decoration ideas – Santa Wine bottle

Wine is one of popular choice for a Christmas gift. But what would make this wine different with the other wine? Well, because this is a Santa Wine Bottle!

Christmas decoration ideas – Candy Pathway Light

Uh-oh, it’s getting dark outside. But don’t worry, this candy pathway light will show the way home or to your favorite restaurant!

Christmas decoration ideas – Tea Time

If wine can suit up to show its Christmas spirit, so does this tea. Only $9.90 and you’ll get this Santa tea to accompany your tea time.

Christmas decoration ideas – Silverware Hat Pocket

Restaurants, this is what you need. Suit up silverware with this cute Santa hat for only $7.99.

Christmas decoration ideas – Santa Face Window

Hello Santa, come on in!

After all, the most important thing about Christmas is not just the decoration, but togetherness and forgiveness are the key to make the Holy Christmas.

Merry Christmas!