December 12, 2015 12:59 pm

Chocolate Slices That Looks Exactly Like Kraft Singles


If Kraft Singles has play the major role on cheese product and being the malleable product for childhood lunch boxes or used in other homemade cook options, now they better watch out with their new-be competitor, Bourbon chocolate slices.

Bourbon, a food company from Japan just unveiled chocolate slices version of Kraft Singles, consist of thin squares of milk chocolate that’s modeled like processed American cheese slices –just unwrap and go. Bourbon chocolate slices which is just like the classic cheese ones, have arrived and could be coming to a fridge very soon.


This is the answer for chocolate lover that always longed for it to be sold in a form of Kraft Singles. The company recommends to putting Bourbon chocolate slices in breads, on top of pancakes or crackers, melting them onto toast, or placing a cookie-cutter on top of them to make different shapes.


Some chocoholics respond for Bourbon chocolate slices as an absolutely lovely idea, while others are not so convinced. As reviewed by Telegraph from several tweets about Bourbon chocolate slices show as follow :

One said: “This is easily the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

Other comments included: “Why did it take so long for human race to come up with this?”

“I love chocolate but this looks so grim!”

Each pack contains five of 2mm thick slices, that are described as “full-bodied deep, melting in the mouth” on Bourbon’s website. According to the Japanese news site Rocket News, the chocolate used is a brand called Nama, which is described as “a rich, creamy confectionary that’s not as sweet as fudge, but more intense in flavor than ordinary milk chocolate.

A dozen five-slice packs are available online on Bourbon’s website for 3,240 yen—about $27.