December 14, 2015 1:50 am

Obama Toilet Paper and What People Can Do About It


Obama toilet paper has been bought by more than 1000 people through Amazon for $10.18 as a Christmas gift. However, if you find it interesting and would like to buy it too, you might consider it again.

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According to the reviews on Amazon for Obama toilet paper, some people were disappointed with the real product. The reviews said that Obama’s face is not printed on every sheet as promised in the Obama toilet paper product description. Even one of the reviewers said that “If I could send this back with my poop on it, I would.

However, from total 1,510 customer reviews, 59% of them gave 5 stars for Obama toilet paper and 21% of them gave 1 star as the form of their disappointment. It is true, that using Obama toilet paper to wipe out people’s bums is absolutely not a respectful behavior to the president. Instead of using Obama toilet paper, people better start to use this unique toilet paper:



If that is not enough, find out below things that people can do while their “toilet time”. These toilet activities are much more exciting than reading magazine, newspaper or even play games on smartphone.

Play Golf

Infossible_Golf-ToiletWho said people only able to play golf in the field? This stuff will allow you to play mini golf in your own house—or more precisely in your toilet during your “toilet time”! Grab it here for only $20.99.

Play Basketball

Infossible_Basketball-ToiletSometimes your “toilet time” will take more than a minute, and it feels boring if you need to sit and do nothing. Well, you won’t feel bored anymore if you use this stuff. This stuff is available here.

Play Sudoku

Infossible_Sudoku-Toilet-PaperFor those who love to think and solve mysteries, playing Sudoku is always being the answer. Play real Sudoku while your “toilet time” with this stuff. You can get here for $5.96.

Seems like above stuffs are much more interesting than using the president’s face to decorate your rest room.