December 20, 2015 1:58 pm

Egg From Hundred Years Ago: The Century Egg


This Chinese century egg may look unappetizing, but it has a surprisingly authentic taste.

The century egg was found hundreds of years ago by a farmer in China. He found a naturally preserved duck egg in a muddy pool of water and slaked lime. After surviving a tasting, he set out to replicate them manually, resulting in a delicacy that would endure for centuries as a favorite food in Hong Kong, China and parts of Southeast Asia. Details of the egg’s discovery are undocumented, but the scientists estimate that it dates back more than 500 years to the Ming Dynasty.

Infossible_Century-Egg-6The century egg also referred to thousand-year eggs or preserved eggs. However, the process to make century egg actually takes only seven weeks to three months, and involves soaking eggs in a combination of strong black tea, salt, lime, and freshly burned wood ash overnight. Duck, quail or chicken eggs can be used to make this extraordinary egg. The process can also include ash, quicklime and rice hulls.

Infossible_Century-Egg-5The process causes the yolk of the eggs take on a creamy, cheese-like texture, and transforms the whites into a dark-colored jelly. Sometimes there’s also a strong smell like ammonia to contend with. Some fans say that getting past the appearance is the first challenge to enjoy this food. Century egg is usually eaten for breakfast, snack, or dinner. They’re also often baked into pastries, while some pleasure seekers pair it with wine or Champagne.

Check out below how to eat century egg:

Infossible_Century-Egg-4Infossible_Century-Egg-3Infossible_Century-Egg-1Western people often describe it as a horrible food, due to its smell and taste. There are several videos on Youtube shows “century eggs challenge” for those people who are not used to eat this egg. However, for Asian country – especially China, century egg is a culinary heritage which reminds them to the taste of their childhood. Many children grow up eating this dish and learn to love the taste. The century egg can be found in grocery stores, at Chinese restaurants and in humble porridge shops. The century egg also available online here for $15.89 only.