December 20, 2015 8:56 am

How Much Web Cost Estimation For Your Business?

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Would like to make a website but have no idea how much it will cost? Take a seat, grab a cup of coffee, and read out the way to know your web cost estimation here.

Digital industry becomes the primary need for humankind. From over 7 billion people in the world, 3 million people online every day. Some of them just browsing for something that they’d want to know, some of them read out news online, some of them playing around with social media to interact with their friends, and some of them do business.

Infossible_Web-Cost-Estimation-1By having internet as the primary role in human kind, it makes business owners have to change the way they do business and marketing using internet. If they’d like to optimize their business, they need to publish their brand online through website and social media as the effective way to make people in the universe know and recognize their business. Not only big company, but also for startup business. Even personal businesses need it to show their portfolio, such as website for photographer, website for online shop, website for designer, etc. Musician and artist also have their own website to announce their concert, and gathered their fans into a forum discussion.

Infossible_Web-Cost-Estimation-4However, even though business owners realize the importance of website for business, most of them are obviously confused by the wide difference in web cost estimation provided by web development agencies. Normally in a big company, business owner asked three website development companies to submit a proposal to create their company website. Then they will compare them and choose which website agency that could build website based on budget and inquires. Some website agency might over fantastic price, while the others over to build website with cheap price. Company might find it difficult to choose which one is the best web agency that suit with their need, and how much the standard price for website.

Now, it is not that difficult to know how much is cost to build a website. There are several options to show web cost estimation based on inquiries and features. For example you might check web cost estimation for your website here.

In order to figure out your web cost estimation, website agency needs to identify who you are and what you need for your website. Your website’s purpose will determine what you need for your website. Find out the common three kind of websites to know how much your web cost estimation :

Company Profile

This is a standard website that you should have to show about your business. Website for company profile mostly consists of 5 up to 6 pages including Home, About Us, Service, Gallery, Blog, and Contact. Website for company profile is the best way to let people know about your business, and get worldwide customer. Because internet is a promotional media without limit, you will get customer from any country by simply having website for company profile. This kind of website might also work for small business, photographer website, designer, DJ, musician, artist, or any kind of profession that needs to show their masterpiece.

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Selling Product

Online shop or mostly known as E-Commerce website is really popular recently. Many companies try to sell their product online, so they will get widely customer that could buy their product directly. The most important things for E-commerce website are the payment system for buyer and photo gallery to show the product. E-commerce website mostly offers payment system using credit card, paypal, or bank transfer. Some of E-commerce website add another feature such as login system for customer, so customer will get special discount, mark which product they’d like to buy, and much more easier to order another product. However, it is optional to add login system to your E-commerce website. Some company enables users to buy products without login to their E-commerce website.


Web application and custom functionality for user interaction

Web application might be best described as a social media like Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.  For web application, user will able to create their own profile, update profile picture, update information about them, communicate with other user through the same web application, and any custom function of user interaction. Web application is more complex than others, and requires at least login system to let people sign up.

All included

Your business required company profile to show who you are and your service, you’d like to sell your product online, and your visitor able to create profiles and communicate with other users. Obviously it is a huge website and will take time to build it. Basically web application itself is more difficult and bigger than the others, and if it combined with E-commerce website and company profile, surely it will be a huge website.

Business people shaking hands, finishing up a meetingTherefore, it is really important for website agency to know client’s website purpose and inquiries first. Based on that inquiries web cost estimation will be able to give. Every business is different, and so does the website that suit for them. Some website agency might able to build website based on your budget, and some of them not. Be smart and check out your web cost estimation here before calling web agencies to start your project. At least, you know how much it cost to build website based on your inquiries at first place.