December 26, 2015 4:22 am

Chennai is ONE, Revives From Chennai Floods


While nearly 150 world leaders gathered in Paris on last November 30th 2015 to discuss the global impact of climate change and the commitment to reverse it, three hundred people died in Chennai floods just two days after. Yes, it is a wake-up call for 196 states to keep their promise on climate change agreement to limit the rise in worldwide temperatures by reducing and ultimately eliminating greenhouse gas emissions in order to prevent earth from such disaster like Chennai floods.

Infossible_Climate-Change-2015Chennai or well known as the Detroit of India for its automobile industry – also named as the only city in South Asia for the list “hottest cities of 2015” by the BBC and one of the “52 places to go in 2014” by The New York Times went underwater due to very heavy raining. November was the rainiest month in Chennai’s history, therefore dams and lakes continued to rise gradually on that period. For that reason, schools, colleges, public and private sector announced holidays. Until in the 24 hours between 1 and 2 December 2015, Chennai received 500 mm of rain leaving the city with floods and hundred victims. Not only in Chennai, but heavy raining also happens in Cuddalore, which located around 200km from Chennai.

infossible_chennai_cuddalore_floods3Heavy rain makes lakes around Chennai reach its limits and causing floods all over the city and the water level continues to rise. The streets of Chennai drowned into water, and as the time passes, the flood flows through most part of the city. The same situations happened to Cuddalore. Water enters the buildings from the streets, fills the basement and the ground floor. It’s even worse in some places; the water level reaches 1st floor and some people were trapped inside the buildings. People struggled to move out from the buildings and gathered in schools and other safer places.

infossible_chennai_cuddalore_floodsChennai floods didn’t make its citizen giving up. People of Chennai helped-out each other during the crisis by sharing the needed things among themselves. People volunteering to help what they could help, along with non-profit organizations like Flat-Fec, Sirpi, Rotary, RSS and many others to reach out the victims and provided the needed things. Medias and FM stations like Masala FM asked people to deliver the necessary goods on their offices and distributed to the relief camps. Big FM also plays a major role in delivering the basic amenities. The National Disaster Response Force has deployed more than 1,000 personnel and 130 boats to Chennai.

National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) rescue flood affected people during their relief operations in rain-hit areas on the outskirts of Chennai on November 17, 2015. India has deployed the army and air force to rescue flood-hit residents in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, where at least 71 people have died in around a week of torrential rains. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)Social Media also play their role to help Chennai floods. On Twitter, social-media users were organizing help through hashtags #ChennaiRainsHelp and #ChennaiRains, with users offering food, medicines and tweeting details of shelters where those affected could take refuge.  Meanwhile, Facebook enables their Facebook safety check feature for Chennai floods.

Line Focus Technologies, along with Cognizant, and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) also provide over millions rupees for the relief. Donations and assistance also come from other countries and international charitable organizations. However, Chennai is proving their resilient through the spirit and character of the community itself; creative, hard worker, and passionate. No matter Hindu, Muslim or Christian, the people of Chennai have come together to help each other.

Infossible_Chennai-FloodsWith help from many people around the world and people of Chennai itself, now Chennai, Cuddalore and other parts of Tamizh Nadu are reviving. As the form of gratitude and thanks for Chennaites a group of people create an event  “Chennai is ONE”. Organized by John Dilip Kumar, “Chennai is ONE” will be held January 2nd 2016 at Elliot’s beach, where balloons with a small note will be released to the sky.

“We look forward to host a thanksgiving to the Chennaites and people from other cities who have put their hands together to revive Chennai. Also to showcase to the world that Chennai is stronger as ever and Chennai is united as one always :)”

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