December 27, 2015 4:51 pm

This is Christmas in Pluto Looks Like


Not only people on earth who celebrate Christmas, but the dwarf planet – Pluto also celebrate Christmas with its way. If people on earth celebrate Christmas by having family dinner and decorate their house to show their Christmas spirit, Christmas in Pluto is a little bit different.

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Christmas in Pluto was seen through the picture taken by NASA and published on NASA’s tumblr along with Pluto-themed song for Christmas in Pluto. The song was written by Andres Almeida, a NASA employee and best sung to the tune of “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer”.

However, the Christmas in Pluto image was actually taken by the New Horizons spacecraft on July 14th 2015. And just to be totally clear, Pluto doesn’t actually look like this. NASA produced this false color image to celebrate the season by assigning certain infrared wavelength ranges to red and green. Alex Parker, a planetary scientist working with the New Horizons mission, said in the NASA blog post about the video of “Christmas in Pluto”.

“This is what you would have actually seen if you were on board the New Horizons spacecraft on July 14, looking out at Pluto through a stained glass window with infrared eyes.”

Scientists use images like the red and green Christmas shot and the video to learn more about the composition of the dwarf planet. The composition of Pluto makes itself apparent in the animation. Researchers can use data like this to pick out differences between the types of molecules that compose various areas of Pluto’s surface. Alex Parker added :

But please — just take a moment and imagine you were on board our little robotic emissary to the farthest worlds ever explored, watching Pluto come into view through a colorful window on the side of the spacecraft”

“I promise that you’ve never seen anything like this before!”

Even though this is not actually happens to Pluto during Christmas, special thanks to NASA who shows the Pluto in Christmas spirit!