December 30, 2015 11:57 pm

Andres Amador, the Earthscape Artist Truly Paint Beach With Broom


While mostly sand drawing done by artist using sand as the ink and mirror with lamp as a canvas, Andres Amador use a different method to create his masterpiece. Still using sand as the ink, but instead of a mirror with lamp, he uses beach as the canvas.

Based in San Francisco, Andres Amador has been working on the beach since 2004. Andres Amador had been creating art professionally since 2000, making large, black-light reactive sculptures that lead him into the path on beach art. Quitting from his previous job as a computer technician, he creates hundred beach art, a huge magnificent drawing at the beach between low and high tide. For sure his art is not a long lasting art, due it will vanish by the time the tide comes. While people said that Andres Amador was only creating something that’s destined to wash away, he saw it differently.

“It’s the story of our lives. Our lives are impermanent, and the tide is unstoppable.”

Andres Amador was not an artist; his educational background is on science. The idea came to him while he was studying geometry, ancient architecture and crop circles. Through a long exploration of the world, Andres Amador finally found his way to art world, realizing that all his knowledge might applied to create enormous designs similar to the way that any pre-computer would have done. The difference is, Andres Amador prefers to choose a beach to implement those designs.

“When I was on the beach one day playing in the sand with a hiking pole, making different marks, when it suddenly dawned on me that I could apply what I had been learning to the beach”

Using rake and sometimes rope for the geometric ones, Andres Amador will take around 2 hours to create his masterpiece. It could be larger if they got help from more people. After sketching the idea, he starts his work during the low tide. Most of the time, they begin to wash away almost immediately. However, it didn’t bother him at all. He said :

“Something big that comes with this art is the recognition of impermanence.”

“I am always striving for the perfect photo that I can share proudly. But when I get to the beach I have already let go of that expectation and surrender to the act of creation.”

Check out some of Andres Amador masterpiece below:

Infossible_Andres-Amador-4 Infossible_Andres-Amador-6 Infossible_Andres-Amador-7Infossible_Andres-Amador-5 Infossible_Andres-Amador-3 Infossible_Andres-Amador-2His arts carry the message that sometimes something that human try to create would be destroyed even before those are completed, and people need to let it go and keep moving forward. Andes Amador is doing it for the last ten years from United States to Europe beach. Producing many hundreds art to embrace life with his creations.

“I do it because it brings me peace and focus. Ultimately I do it because of the joy of the challenge.“

Find out more about Andres Amador through his personal website here.