January 2, 2016 4:06 pm

Terrorism Behind The Address Downtown Hotel Fires?


There is something strange on New Year’s Eve celebration at Dubai, especially the firework in Address Downtown Dubai hotel. Because it was not fireworks, but it was orange tentacles of flames that turns into a big nightmare for everybody around it. Address Downtown hotel was on fire, burning the 20th floor, left side of the building and quickly spread throughout the top of building due to the strong wind.

infossible_address_downtown_dubai3The Address Downtown hotel fires started around 9:30pm local time (12:30 p.m. ET) on Thursday and appeared to engulf much of the five-star hotel with 63-storey and apartment complex, within 10 minutes. The Address Downtown hotel fires continue to burn into early Friday. The Dubai government said at least 14 people had suffered minor injuries, one moderate injury, and one person had a heart attack during the evacuation. Those who escaped described how people climbed over each other in their rush to escape from the Address Downtown hotel fires. See below video of the Address Downtown hotel fires:

There was no explosion before the fires start burn the hotel. But still the smoke from the building was pretty dark and creates panic for the people, reminds them of New York’s World Trade Center case. Hotel officials said in a statement Friday that Address Downtown hotel fires had been contained and the cause was under investigation. However, there was no initial indication that terrorism was to blame for the Address Downtown hotel fires. As cited from CNN, Glenn Corbett, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, said the rapid spread of the blaze may have been caused by a flammable exterior material used in many Dubai buildings.

Infossible_Address-Downtown-hotel-fires-1  infossible_address_downtown_dbai_featured_imageThe Address Downtown hotel fires did not stop the New Year celebrations in Dubai, including the fireworks show at the Burj Khalifa, just 500 yards away from the smoldering building. Tens of thousands of people whistled and cheered at the show while teams of firefighters were working to put out the blaze.