January 3, 2016 6:06 am

The Reason Why Man Prefer Natural Look of Woman


Woman beliefs of putting makeup will make them look more attractive for man has been a long debate for decades. Some people thought that putting makeup will build their confidence, while the other believes the natural beauty of woman are unbeatable, and even man prefer natural look woman.

Woman having makeup appliedPutting on eyeliner, mascara, foundation and lipstick is part of the daily beauty routine for millions of women. Spending at least four times a day and only 67 per cent go bare-faced twice a month. A survey conducted by beauty brand St Ives which involving 1,000 women, shows that almost one in ten woman wear make-up solely to impress the opposite sex. Over half of women say they feel better with make-up on and 28 per cent lack confidence without it. Some 17 per cent said they would cancel a date if they had no make-up handy. Even 14 per cent of them would not dare to leave the house if missing their make-up.

SONY DSCBut is it worth to sacrifice your face with those heavy makeups all day long for the rest of your life just to attract men? Not really.

Research at Bangor University and Aberdeen University about woman attractiveness through makeup has shown that man prefer natural look woman. 44 women have been told to put on makeup like they were going on a night out. The researchers gave different types of foundation, lipstick, blush and mascara for those women, and photographed before and after they put on the makeup. The researchers then altered the photographs so they had a range of 21 images of the women wearing various amounts of makeup.

Infossible_man-prefers-natural-look-of-woman-2Study participants who evaluated the photos thought the women were most attractive with a natural look. According to Man’s Health, these are some reasons why man prefer natural look woman:

Shows confidence

This is the point where most of woman have mistaken. Woman hope that makeup could build their confidence to deal with man. In fact, man prefer natural look women due to it looks more confidence. Craig Malkin, Ph.D., an instructor of psychology at Harvard Medical School said that confidence can actually make a woman seem sexier.

Sign of Intimate

Mostly women only show her bare face only with someone that she comfortable with. And man would love to be one of those lucky people.


Women with bare face seem to be more likable and trustworthy, and man found it as attractive. No fake, all true.

Not Afraid To Get Dirty

A bare face implies she might be more likely to enjoy outdoor adventures like camping, and that looks hot for some man.

Personality Shines

Women without makeup often concern about how they act, instead of worrying about how they look. It makes their personality shines brighter.

Infossible_man-prefers-natural-look-of-woman-4However, it doesn’t mean that woman with makeup is not attractive at all. Men appreciate the women’s effort to look perfect in front of them.  But if man prefer natural look woman is the sign that he doesn’t judge women by their look.