January 15, 2016 4:30 pm

Jakarta Bomb Attack : Bahrun Naim (ISIS) VS Satay Man #KamiTidakTakut


This is not an action movie scene. Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia has faced terrorist attack on last Thursday, January 14th 2015. Jakarta bomb attack including a series of explosions and gun battles on the streets were centered around Sarinah Thamrin Street, a major shopping and business district close to foreign embassies and the United Nations offices. At least seven people were killed, including five of the terrorist, and 23 people were wounded, the police said.

The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for Jakarta bomb attack. Jakarta Provincial Police and the former head of the country’s elite national police counterterrorism unit said at a news conference that the perpetrators were linked to leaders ISIS, and warned that the group was expanding its operations across the region, including in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. The authorities believe that Indonesian national Bahrun Naim whose part of ISIS is behind Thursday’s series Jakarta bomb attack. Jakarta Police Chief Tito Karnavian spoke to CNN :

“We have been informed by our intelligence that an individual named Bahrun Naim, based on the communications … instructed his cells in Indonesia to mount an attack in Indonesia, “

According to local news, Tito Karnavian said that Jakarta bomb attack in Sarinah Thamrin was part of Bahrun Naim action to “show off” his power, in regards to get the leader position of ISIS in South East Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines. Tito Karnavian added :

“He wants to be the leader of ISIS in South East Asia, therefore there is a battle to get the leader position. In Philippines, Bahrun has been declared. Due to there is a battle to get leader position in South East Asia, Bahrun Naim planning that attack”

Muhammad Bahrun Naim, a.k.a Anggih Tamtomo, a.k.a Naim has been known by the authorities since 2010, when he was arrested for illegal possession of ammunition. Bahrun Naim was caught having 533 bullets of long-barrel and 32 bullets of caliber 9 mm and sentenced for 2 years and 6 months. However, the court found insufficient evidence to pursue the terror charges. After Bahrun Naim was released from prison, he later moved to Syria and joined with ISIS. Indonesian intelligence agencies say that since relocating to Syria, Naim has been play the major role in recruiting and planning attacks against Indonesia.

Infossible_Jakarta-Bomb-Attack-Bahrun-Naim Infossible_Jakarta-Bomb-Attack-Bahrun-Naim-2In response of Jakarta bomb attack last Thursday, Indonesian citizens took social media to show they would not be cowed by terrorists. Through hashtag #KamiTidakTakut, which translates to “We are not afraid,” Indonesian citizens express their pride and conviction to stand up, rather than bow down to terrorism.

Many of them use humor as a way of expressing themselves. Such as the old man who keep selling his grilled satay when the Jakarta bomb attack occurred. While usually people will running away if there is a terrorist attack, this man keep grilled his satay, and people bought it! So does the other man who sell boiled peanuts and coffee.

Some people even took a selfie.

Jakarta bomb attack is the sign that people need to be aware of this terrorist act, and report to the authorities for any suspicious action that might be related to the terrorist. People need to be ready to stand strong and united to against this terrorist act.