January 17, 2016 5:41 am

Detachable Cabin, New Way to Safe Lives From Airplane Crashes


A way of saving lives in plane crashes has been conceived, after an inventor released designs for a detachable cabin. This new invention in aircraft industry might give more safety to passengers than life-vest. Invented by Russian inventor Tatarenko Vladimir Nikolaevich, the system will enable cabin to separate from the airplane at any point during mid-flight, takeoff, or landing in case of emergency. By the time the cabin is separated from the airplane, parachutes would automatically open to deliver the cabin a safe landing on the ground or in the water. Check out below video to see detachable cabin works :

Beside secure more passengers in case of an emergency situation, passengers also no need to worry about their personal belongings, because the detachable cabin design which patented by Nikolaevich includes space underneath the cabin. So the passengers’ luggage will detach and landed safety as well.

Although the detachable cabin seems to be a smart innovation to reduce victims from airplane crashes, people respond it with mixed reactions. Some people feel it is a revolutionary device that could save lives in the event of a plane crash, while others questioning about the potential impact on the rest of the plane, like what would happen to the pilots. The cost-effectiveness and whether the cabin would really land safely also the questions that arises to this technology.

Infossible_detachable-cabin-1However, a questionnaire conducted by the inventor found that 95% of those he interviewed would be willing to buy a more expensive ticket if the detachable cabin were to become a standard feature. At the end of the video, Tatarenko Vladimir Nikolaevich said he still open for any investor who’d like to invest in the project or aircraft building.

This isn’t the first time a detachable cabin has been proposed. Airbus filed its own patent for a similar idea in February 2013, but the company’s version deals more about convenience in order to increase efficiency for boarding passengers. The Airbus patent was approved on last November 2015. Take a look on what Airbus describe their detachable cabin on the video below :

Even though Airbus and Nikolaevich detachable cabin has different concerns, it looks like detachable airplane cabins are indeed being seriously considered.