January 21, 2016 12:55 am

How Much It Cost Coworking Space in Bali?


Coworking space is a home for freelancer or entrepreneur who’d like to start their business. Considering that home is not the best option to work for some freelancer compared to their productivity, meanwhile it is too expensive to rent some office space, coworking space is the best solution for them. Brad Neuberg (considered the “father” of co-working) defines a co-working space as:

“a work space that combines the freedom of working for yourself with the community and creativity of a traditional job.”

Not only for freelancer, coworking space also a home for startup business nowadays. Research shows that startups operating from a co-working space are four times more likely to succeed than those that don’t. Why is that so? Because coworking space is not just provide a place for people to work with fast internet connections and coffee, but there is also a social interaction, and even some of them held a gathering program to meet startup business with investors.

How about coworking space in Bali?

As one of the most popular worldwide tourism destination, there is several popular coworking space in Bali. Most of them offer fast internet connections, regular events, and meeting room that could be used for your private meeting or events. Everyone are welcome to work at coworking space in Bali daily, weekly, or monthly, once they become a member. The cost is depends on how long you’d like to spent your time at coworking space in Bali, and the internet access that you need. Check out some coworking space in Bali and how much it cost :


Infossible_Coworking-Space-in-Bali-HubudLocation : Monkey Forest Road 88x Ubud, Gianyar, Bali

Cost : $25 – $275 / month


Infossible_Coworking-Space-in-Bali-KumpulLocation : Jalan Danau Poso No. 51A Rumah Sanur, 2nd floor, Sanur, Bali

Cost : 250k IDR – 2500k IDR

Dojo Bali

Infossible_Coworking-Space-in-Bali-Dojo-BaliLocation : Jalan Batu Mejan, Canggu, Echo Beach, Bali

Cost : 150k IDR – 2000k IDR

Wave Bali

Infossible_Coworking-Space-in-Bali-Wave-BaliLocation : Istana Kuta Galeria PM17 Central Park, Kuta, Bali

Cost : 80k IDR – 1200k IDR

Lineup Hub

Infossible_Coworking-Space-in-Bali-Lineup-HubLocation : Sunset Road, Seminyak, Bali

Cost : 200k IDR – 2200k IDR

Many foreign choose to work at Coworking space in Bali, especially for digital nomads who haven’t found their working space yet. However, nothing is free. The member cost from coworking space in Bali will worth if you are seeking for social interaction. Through their regular event, gathering, or courses, you’ll be able to enlarge your business network. Please noted that the prices as shown in this article as per February 2016 and possible to change in the future. You might visit the official web page of each place to get an updated price.