January 22, 2016 4:57 pm

McDonald’s New Recipe in Japan : Chocolate Fries


If commonly people add salty topping for fries like cheese or barbecue sauce, McDonald’s release its new recipe differently. Chocolate Fries aka McChoco Potatoes featured a regular fries with chocolate cacao flavor and white milk chocolate. The company has offered a variety of toppings for fries, including cheese sauce and bacon, but this is the first time that they provide a “sweet” sauce.

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According to McDonald’s press release, people will found that this chocolate fries enjoyable for different occasions, not only for the side item to go with burgers, but it also makes for a great dessert. This latest French fry innovation or chocolate fries will be available only in Japan for a limited time starting January 26th 2016.

McDonald’s said in its most recent financial filing that its Japanese market is hurting due to fewer visitors and weaker sales. But the chocolate fries comes at a time when other chains continue introducing visually unique products, including the red burgers with “angry sauce” by Burger King Japan.

There’s no statement telling whether the new item will be coming to the United States. However people can try DIY chocolate fries by keep dipping fries in chocolate milkshake and get roughly the same result.