February 26, 2016 2:14 am

E-Cigarette Explodes in Man’s Pocket and Sets Him on Fire

Orange County Fire Authority spokesperson Capt. Steve Concialdi holds the broken pieces of a modified electronic cigarette that exploded in Chris Brookins' hands. During a press conference, Brookins recounts the incident on Tuesday morning in Santa Ana after he was burned by an exploded electronic cigarette late Sunday night.////ADDITIONAL INFO:  -   05.ecigexplosions.ks   -  Day: Tuesday - Date: 3/10/15  -  Time: 9:39:34 AM  -   Original file name: _KSA9878.NEF  -  KEN STEINHARDT, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER --  Chris Brookins, 29 and Sean Schoepflin

Security cameras in Shell gas station at Owensboro, Kentucky caught the moment when E-Cigarette explodes inside the man’s pants and burst into flames. In the video shows a Kentucky man named Josh Hamilton walks up to the counter and reaches into his pocket to pay for a purchase. Moments later, a stream of sparks shoot from his pants and flames shoot out as he tries to beat the fire out. Hamilton running out of the store, and a woman helping him pull his pants off and the store cashier sprays him with a fire extinguisher.

Hamilton was taken to the hospital and treated for third-degree burns on his leg. He posted the photo of his leg and described the E-cigarette explodes incident on his Facebook :

Third degree burns all up and down my leg. Just had an Ecig battery blow up and catch fire inside my pocket! Ouch ow ow ow

Posted by Josh Hamilton on Saturday, February 20, 2016


The battery that makes the E-cigarette explodes was said to be a lithium device of the type Efest 18650, a Chinese company whose logo features burning flames, Dailymail reported. However, this E-cigarette explodes accident will not stop Hamilton using e-cigarette. Hamilton plans to continue using e-cigarettes, except when he is getting gas.

‘If you are using one, make sure you are not using one at a gas station. That’s a really big mistake.’ 

However, this is not the first “e-cigarette explodes” case. There have been hundreds reports of people whose batteries malfunctioned and burst into flames, often times while they are in the midst of smoking, or charging the e-cigarette. On last January 2016, an e-cigarette exploded in a man’s mouth. The man was smoking in his bedroom in Telford, Shropshire when the cigarette blew up, knocking out a tooth and leaving him with burns.

E-cigarette user groups say that most problems with exploding batteries are caused by extreme heat, using an incorrect charger, using an incorrect battery or a battery’s interaction with other metal.