March 12, 2016 12:58 pm

Now Your iPhone Will Scream If It’s Lost or Stolen


For some people, losing their iPhone could be means losing their whole entire life. Even though you could lock your iPhone and secure the data, getting the new one and setup all the things that you had on your iPhone will be additional homework to do. But the new Lookout Apple Watch app has the solution to prevent your iPhone lost or stolen. Mobile security company Lookout launched a new Apple Watch app on Tuesday that aims to avoid your iPhone stolen by thieves or make it a little bit easier to find when it lost in the crowd.

Infossible_Lookout-Apple-Watch-1Lookout Apple Watch includes three features that may help to find the lost iPhone. Even though 74% of everyday people say they are addicted to their smartphones, it’s really hard to keep track of those slippery little devices. Starting from that idea, the company invented Lookout Apple Watch as the additional “eyes” to help people ensure their iPhone is safe.

“It makes a lot of sense: a device that you already wear as part of your daily life can help be another pair of eyes for your iPhone.”

As described on the company blog post, here is the features of Lookout Apple Watch :

Lost the iPhone in the crowd.

Infossible_Lookout-Apple-Watch-2 In this situation, trying to call your iPhone and hope you’ll hear it ringing might quite impossible. With Lookout Apple Watch, it will enable to track the iPhone by displays the map and pointing you to its last known location. This location is nearly real-time, as the backend is constantly tracking the iPhone’s GPS.

Forget to bring along the iPhone when in a hurry.

Infossible_Lookout-Apple-Watch-3As the people walk more distance from the iPhone, their Apple Watch will starts buzzing as a friendly reminder that the iPhone is not nearby. This feature uses the strength of the Bluetooth connection between the iPhone and Apple Watch to set a distance meter that shows how far away you are from your iPhone.

Prevent the thieves or pickpocket.

Infossible_Lookout-Apple-Watch-4Imagine you are at a train station on busy time and someone stole your iPhone. In this situation, the Apple Watch will start buzzing your wrist and the Lookout Apple Watch shows the iPhone moving farther and farther out of range. If you couldn’t catch it, you could make your iPhone scream (a very loud alert) to scare the thieves and get attention from everybody around. iPhone and watch don’t need to actively be connected for the scream feature — as long as the iPhone has a Wi-Fi connection.

The Lookout Apple Watch app is available now with the latest version of the company’s iOS appOnce it’s installed, sync your Apple Watch with your iPhone, and let it scream!