March 19, 2016 10:27 pm

Over 2,000 Refugees Formed Human Chains to Cross the River to Macedonia


As Syrian war continuous to rise-up, so does the Syria refugees. People are leaving from the bloody battle in Syria, which prevails for more than a year, seeking a better place to live that could give them more hopes. UNO’s safety committee for peace is not engaging, leaving the entire Europe under threat. The Paris bomb attack on the late 2015 in the concert hall is an example of the extreme terrorism against the country, which accepts refugees.

Recently, over a thousand migrants and refugees have walked in mass, trying to cross the cold river, seeking a way around a border fence with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. They have streamed out of a Greek transit camp, and walked alongside a border fence until it came to an end. Reaching a fast-flowing river, where, earlier in the day, three people had drowned, the migrants and refugees got help from volunteers to cross over.

Infossible_Syria-refugees-macedonia-1It was never easier for refugees who choose to transit through water. The accident that happens to Aylan the refugee boy, who drowned during they flee to another country still leaves a deep sorrow among people. However, that didn’t make the refugees giving up for seeking a better life. Men, Women, Children, Elderly and the disabled struggled a lot to cross the Greek-Macedonian border on last Monday afternoon, leaving the Idomeni camp where more than 12,000 of Syria refugees had been stuck for more than a week. Together, they stood in the water and formed human chains to pass babies and toddlers to safety on the other side. Konstantinos Tsakalidis, a freelance photographer who walked with the marchers told Guardian :

“It was a very difficult situation. There was a very big problem with the water, but everyone helped each other, and they crossed all together,”

“They were happy because they crossed the river, the border, and they believed that now they were free.”

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Infossible_Syria-refugees-macedonia-2But the Syria refugees pain is not over yet. Greek police distribute leaflets written in Arabic and Afghan Persian urging its thousands of refugees to turn back. The police tell them that the border is closed and warn them against trying to break through.

“The border is closed. At reception centres you will find food and a place to stay. Do not trust irresponsible people who will put your life in danger. Do not suffer for no reason,”

Refugees are being advised to sign up to an EU plan, announced six months ago, under which 160,000 refugees stuck in Greece and Italy are meant to be resettled in other EU countries. But since it was launched in September less than 1,000 people have been relocated and at the Idomeni camp there was no sign of EU officials giving out information. With wood in short supply, refugee families are burning wet blankets, dirty clothes and even plastic in an attempt to keep warm. As reported by Telegraph, Delshad Jaron, 26, a computer studies graduate from the Kurdish part of Syria said :

“We are just waiting, waiting. It’s very hard – I haven’t had a shower for 50 days. But we have no other plan.”

Russia and US had been fighting against the terrorist groups in Syria for a year or so. Initially, Amnesty reported that Russia attacks in Syria took part in the war only through the air-strikes. Now, they had sent the soldiers to carry out the gun-strikes through the ground.