March 27, 2016 4:00 am

Google Maps Error Make The Demolition Company Destroy Wrong House


This woman was really shock when her neighbor informed what happened to her house. A demolition crew destroyed her building by mistake on Tuesday after Google Maps error, which provided wrong directions. A Texas-based demolition company is blaming Google Maps for providing the wrong address for the house that was supposed to tear down, which is a tornado-ravaged home on 7601 Cousteau Drive. Instead of navigating workers to a duplex on Cousteau Drive in Rowlett, Texas, Google Maps took them one block from the original destination to Diaz’s duplex on Calypso Drive. As Diaz said :

“[Google’s] mistake caused me to lose my home,”

Google acknowledged the Google Maps error in an email, and said it’s investigating the cause. However, Google has declined to make a statement about the Google Maps error that cause Diaz lose her house, but it did fix the map to pin the correct address. As reported by CNN, Diaz has met the owner and CEO of the demolition company, Billy L. Nabors Demolition on Friday, and they apologized for the incident.

Infossible_Google-Maps-Error-1Google Maps error occur quite frequently — as anyone with a smartphone or GPS device knows. However, there’s a pretty big difference between getting wrong directions to a party and getting wrong directions to a house you’re about to demolish. And for sure the technology is not the thing that those people could blame. Moral of the story? Don’t rely on technology to do your job when all it takes is to read the street sign.