March 27, 2016 3:25 pm

Youtube Connect, a new Live Streaming App to Compete Periscope


Google is reported to be building on a live streaming app called YouTube Connect, that would let users stream and watch live videos from their mobiles. The service would see the video powerhouse going head-to-head with Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live. It might be a little bit too late for YouTube to launch such live streaming app, considering Periscope has been start the live streaming app over a year ago, and Facebook Live earlier this year.

YouTube Connect feature was spotted in YouTube’s Creator Studio and was brought into the spotlight by the Venture Beat. YouTube Connect will be used along with the YouTube Capture – a tool to edit and record videos in the mobile and YouTube Gaming. Google refused to comment on YouTube Connect, as a YouTube spokesperson said “We don’t comment on rumor or speculation”. Even though the launch time is not yet specified, YouTube Connect is likely to be launched before Google’s I/O Developer Conference in May.

YouTube ConnectTo use this feature, people can log into the app using Google or YouTube account and immediately begin streaming from mobile phones. YouTube Connect will enable users to watch live videos in the app or the YouTube site and if they miss the action while it’s happening, they will be able to watch replays. A live streaming app makes sense when thinking about future directions for YouTube, a platform that houses the world’s collection of user-generated videos.

YouTube Connect has got all the features of other live streaming apps like commenting on the streams, tagging features and news feed, which lists the live streams from friends, people you follow and from the global people, who are connected to YouTube Connect. But it does not have the sharing features yet on Facebook or Twitter — which would make sharing them easier, however it is expected to be built before the release.