March 28, 2016 12:04 am

Microsoft Makes Teleportation Becomes Real Through Holoportation


Microsoft’s HoloLens has shown some pretty cool imagery in recent months, but many people still wondering what things they could do with this device on a daily basis. Microsoft research manager Shahram Izadi have answered that question by showing off its new HoloLens program called holoportation. While teleportation is still in the realm of science fiction, the holoportation enabling people to appear anywhere in the world as if he’s there in real-time.

Infossible_Holoportation-1A YouTube video posted yesterday shows people in two different places, teleporting into the same room using HoloLens and interacting with each other. The coolest part of the demonstration is when we’re shown such incredible recordings, which include audio and miniaturized for playback later — as though “walking into a living memory”.  Watch video below to see how holoportation works :

The image is captured in 3D by cameras which placed around the room. This is then stitched together, compressed and transmitted so someone else can see, hear and interact as though the person is right there with them. Microsoft hasn’t quite detailed what the camera rig requires for holoportation, however it is able to capture how a person is moving around in their environment. This allows a HoloLens user to see the real-time capture of that person in their own environment.

No commercial release date for the holoportation system has been announced, but so far the technology isn’t in the wild and HoloLens still sold for $3,000 per each.