March 29, 2016 5:29 am

You Can Eat This Tasty Edible Spoon and Save The World


Climate change is real, and this is the biggest responsibility for human. Many people who concern about earth has started the green innovation movement to cure the earth. From the biggest company like Google who start Google Project Sunroof,  Lowline Lab with the project growing plants in underground and space, Ecotru™ the green waste water treatment from local company, or even more “green” solution: the cannabis house. Those green solution play the role as the way to change people lifestyle to face climate change. The same purpose is also applied by Narayana Peesapaty, the researcher and agriculture consultant from Hyderabad, India who create edible spoon to save the world. Yes, the edible spoon will help to reduce plastic use of cutlery, which is more environmental friendly.

Infossible_Bakeys-Edible-Spoon-1From an environmental perspective, plastic cutlery is pretty disastrous. Starting out from that sight, Peesapaty developed an edible spoon branded as Bakeys, which made of millet, rice and wheat flours, and also available in a variety of flavors. Founded in 2010, this edible spoons are “highly nutritious,” with a shelf life of three years and last 20 minutes in hot liquid. If people use a Bakeys spoon and don’t eat it, it’ll decompose in less than a week.  After selling 1.5 million of edible spoon for his company, Peesapaty wants to reach even more worldwide eaters. A video showcasing Peesapaty’s invention of edible spoon has gone viral this week, where it’s been viewed more than 2.5 million times in less than a day. Watch below video to see how the edible spoon can save the world :

The edible spoon have variety of flavors: sugar, ginger-cinnamon, ginger-garlic, cumin, celery, black pepper, mint-ginger and carrot-beetroot. In order to improve production and expand the product line, Bakeys has started the Kickstarter Campaign for its edible spoon. Peesapaty hoped to raise $20,000, but within 12 days since launching, Bakeys has reach up almost $100,000. A new facility that can produce 800,000 spoons a day is in the works, the company writes on Kickstarter. It also plans to distribute other utensils within the next three months. Kickstarter backers who give $10 can get 100 edible spoons, while $215 will get 50 packs of 100 edible spoons.